Focusing on Party building, strengthening the political system, developing socio-economic

On the afternoon of October 15, the Provincial Party Congress continued to discuss in the hall. Delegates gathered wisdom, contributed many comments to the draft Document of the XIII Congress of the Party; draft Political Report, Review Report of the Executive Committee session XV, draft Resolution of the 16th Congress of the Provincial Party Committee; Party building work, political system consolidation, socio-economic development.

* It is necessary to add solutions to effectively implement the Action Plan to implement the Resolution of the Congress

Comrade Nguyen Thanh Sinh gave a speech at the Congress.

The draft of the Plan of Action has closely followed and concretized 9 groups of tasks, solutions and targets of the Political Report and the Draft Resolution of the 16th Lao Cai Provincial Party Committee. The action program was built early, with a new, effective way, gathered many quality comments from the Party Committees and delegates to the Congress, ensuring to strengthen comprehensive leadership of the Party in all fields, especially important fields, some sensitive fields, related to outstanding and pressing cases among the People.

The action program has evaluated and selected to include central programs, projects, plans closely with reality, in accordance with the guidelines and important contents will be discussed at the Congress. Specific, clear tasks and solutions, especially 3 breakthrough fields in the Political Report, which have been clearly shown in each content of the Action Program, are the foundation and important orientation for the affiliated parties to implement after the Congress, affirming the comprehensive leadership of the Party, soon bringing the Resolution to life, making Lao Cai a developed province of the Northern Midlands and Mountains. .

However, for each content stated in the Action Program, it is necessary to clarify appropriate solutions for each field. Specifically, for the goal of focusing on promoting economic development, with areas of hi-tech application, it is necessary to specify in which regions and localities to deploy, and in association with the planning so that localities can take the initiative. Calculate and balance to increase the proportion of the fisheries sector to suit the industry's development trend to 7%, because the period 2022 - 2025 is forecasted that the value of the fisheries sector will have a higher growth. For the implementation of a strategic breakthrough in the construction of infrastructure, it is necessary to supplement the content of the investment in the construction of a highway connecting Noi Bai - Lao Cai expressway to Lai Chau. Supplement a number of breakthrough solutions to the State budget collection in the area to be proactive in spending on development investment, recurrent expenditures and proceed to self-ensure the balance of revenues and expenditures.

In the section on effective management and use of land, natural resources, environmental protection, response to climate change, there should be a financial solution to protect unexploited minerals, and propose to the Central Government to limit the export of raw minerals; mentioned more specifically the content "protection, planning and management of river basins, especially the Red river".

At the section on implementing basic and comprehensive renovation of education and training, improving the quality of human resources; To step up the application of science and technology, it is necessary to specify the target of bringing students in grades 3, 4 and 5 at odd schools to the main school and to build high-quality schools.

In the section on developing culture, sports, communication, promoting the value and strength of human culture in Lao Cai, it is necessary to add solutions to the development of physical training and sports in Lao Cai province in the term 2020 - 2025, especially the solution to develop strong sports in the province and focus on developing high-achievement sports.

In the section on progress, equity and social security, it is necessary to add solutions to develop the health network, especially the human resources for the grassroots health, to improve capacity for disease prevention and People's health care.

At the section promoting the strength of national solidarity, socialist democracy; to ensure the People's mastery, it is necessary to add the content on increasing contact with the people in accordance with Regulation 11 -QĐ / TW dated February 18, 2019 on the responsibility of the head of the party committee in receiving people, direct dialogue with people and handling of complaints and petitions of people.

At the section strengthen the government building strong; improve the effectiveness and efficiency of judicial activities, propose additional solutions, improve ethical qualities, capacity to carry out tasks, meet requirements in the new period, especially the heads of government level.

* Many solutions to improve the quality of staff at all levels

Comrade Pham Toan Thang gave a speech at the Congress.

Over the past years, the party building organization and cadres work of the Provincial Party Committee have always been interested in, especially, the term 2015 - 2015 with many innovations has significantly contributed to the successful implementation of the tasks. politics, the goals set by the Resolution of the 15th Congress. Organizational structure of agencies in the political system from the province to the grassroots has been strengthened in a streamlined and effective manner, associated with piloting a number of new models of organizational apparatus and part-time title. Leadership and combat strength of grassroots party organizations have been raised; regularly renew the contents and modes of operation, strengthen self-criticism and criticism in activities to promote democracy in the Party. The assessment and classification of grassroots party organizations and party members are carried out in order; Party member development focuses on quality improvement, paying attention to the admission of young party members, women, and ethnic minorities. Staff work is paid attention to, the stages of recruitment, evaluation, planning, training, retraining, use and implementation of the staff policy are seriously and closely ...

In the coming years, the country will continue to innovate strongly, the process of international integration will take place more rapidly. Lao Cai has also set out many great provincial development goals for each period, including long-term strategic goals. In order to realize those goals, an important requirement is to build a contingent of staff on a par with the task. To do so, it is necessary to continue to strengthen the leadership of the party committee for cadres work, to maintain the principle that the Party unifies to lead comprehensively in the work of cadres; Highlighting the leadership role of the head of the Party Committee in the formulation and implementation of the Party's guidelines, resolutions, programs and cadres' work. All levels of Party committees focused on leadership, directing strong reform of cadres' work, especially renewing thinking, how to do, thoroughly overcoming the weaknesses in each stage of cadres work in a synchronous manner from recruitment, evaluation, planning, training, retraining, arrangement, arrangement and use of cadre; associating cadre assessment and periodically taking credit votes with annual reviews, self-criticism and criticism in the spirit of the 4th Central Conference Resolution (Session XI, XII) on Party building.

To attach importance to the "input" factor in recruiting cadres and civil servants. Promote exam for civil servants according to job positions and leadership and manager recruitment exams to select good people. Strictly complying with the process, openness, democracy and transparency in the selection of leaders and managers at all levels. Interested in creating a source of  cadre from students, excellent students who are children of ethnic groups in the province who are currently studying at quality universities, domestic and foreign university and post-graduate students. In addition, young scientists are enthusiastic about working, dedicating and serving in mountainous areas.
Improve the quality of cadre planning, associate planning with other stages such as: evaluation, training, layout, use. Planning must be synchronous, taking subordinate planning as a basis for higher level planning, ensuring the motto "moving" and "open". Planning must ensure high feasibility. On the basis of the cadres' planning, the party committees, party organizations, agency leaders and units must develop plans for training, retraining, rotation and secondment of cadres in the planning; select and have a route for training and retraining cadre to meet international integration requirements; consolidating and improving the quality of the contingent of cadres doing the work of advising at the Party committees and authorities at all levels, especially those who do the work of organization. Renovating and improving the quality of inspection and supervision, timely detecting and strictly handling violations in the work of cadres, in which the responsibilities of the party committees, the heads of the committees and authorities will be considered. agencies have not paid attention to do well the work of cadres.

* Promote cultural values associated with tourism development

Comrade Ha Van Thang gave a speech at the Congress.

Lao Cai is a locality with many potentialities and advantages for tourism development, in which cultural identity and people of Lao Cai are a significant advantage of the province in the past years and in the future. To exploit that strength, it is necessary to promote the leadership and direction of the Party committees, authorities, socio-political organizations and especially the participation of the people and businesses in building and developing Lao Cai culture and people in association with sustainable tourism development.

Along with that is to focus on building Lao Cai people to develop comprehensively, building a healthy cultural environment associated with the movement "All people unite to build cultural life", "building a new countryside, the capital Civilization "and the Campaign" All people exercise body according to the great example of Uncle Ho ". Build a prosperous, progressive, happy family, synchronously implement solutions to improve the physical strength, stature and wisdom of Lao Cai people, associate physical education with education of knowledge, ethics and skills living. Focusing on discovering, selecting and training talents in the fields of culture, art, physical training, and sports, creating a favorable environment for Lao Cai's young and potential students and athletes to be nurtured and developed.

Effectively mobilize and use resources from the State budget and the entire society to invest in the construction and development of culture, sports and tourism in the spirit of Conclusion No. 76 of the Politburo: "Culture must be put on par with economy, politics, society" and focus on enhancing the role of communities and individuals, in addition to the state management in exploiting cultural values. tourism development resources.

Effectively promote the program "turning heritage into assets", investment and exploitation ensure a balance between protection and use of culture to develop and promote high-quality tourism, bringing essential benefits to the local community.

Invest in the implementation of programs on conservation and exploitation of cultural heritages in order to develop them into typical cultural tourism products, national and international tourism products. Implement civilization in cultural and tourism activities and perfect mechanisms and policies to improve the tourism environment, build brands of safe, friendly and civilized tourist destinations. Create favorable conditions to attract strategic investors to continue to develop infrastructure, facilities, high-end tourism products, to apply the breakthrough achievements of the industrial revolution 4.0 to promote development of culture, sports and tourism, in response to the trend of international integration.

Continue to consolidate, unify and stabilize the cultural, sports and tourism management apparatuses at all levels. Concentrating and maximizing human resources, the contingent of qualified managers and professional officials, knowledgeable about culture, sports and tourism. Promote endogenous strength between the three fields of culture, sport and tourism, and jointly implement sustainable development goals. In addition, to study and develop policies and solutions to attract talented artists, coaches and sports athletes to work in Lao Cai. Strengthen training associated with employers in the fields of culture, sports and tourism in addition to grasping the cultural viewpoint that is both the foundation, the driving force and a resource for economic development - society.

* Add the contents of 3 breakthrough development strategies to 2030

Comrade Nguyen Van Chinh gave a speech at the Congress.


After studying the draft document of the XIII National Congress of the Party, I found that in the socio-economic development strategy to 2030, it is necessary to add the following three breakthrough contents: Development of science, technology and innovation; arouses national aspirations and pride and promotes the cultural values of Vietnamese people. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize the definitive handling of a number of cases causing loss of State capital, production and business causing environmental pollution, affecting people's lives, and strictly handling the responsibility of related person.

On the theme of the Congress, the element "Strengthening the building and rectifying the Party and a clean and strong political system" is the new point of the theme of this Congress. Because building and regulating has a broader and deeper coverage, not only building and rectifying the Party but also building and strengthening the political system, including the State, Fatherland Front, social and political organizations. Building a clean and strong Party must go hand in hand with the building of a socialist rule of law state is inevitable, but the two words "rectify" in the political system make many people wonder, suggesting appropriate expressions, shows more clearly the new point of the congress theme.

Regarding the vision and development orientation, the Covid - 19 epidemic affecting many countries, suggest adding "impacts of natural disasters and epidemics" to the domestic forecasts and adding content "Consistently issue the Party's principle" with the first point of view in the section "directing views". Another content is to propose to clarify the nature, form and role of the cooperative in the current economic structure in our country; have comprehensive policies and solutions to support cooperatives, especially in concentrated agricultural production, high-tech production, organic agriculture, supporting agricultural product consumption in terms of integration. In addition, the assessment of the new Rural Construction program needs to be more substantial and specific, in which it is necessary to clarify the role and properly assess the importance of the people, the organization of scientific life, investment in agricultural production.

Proposing to add the limitations and shortcomings in Party building work, which must clearly state that the work of protecting the Party's ideological foundation, struggle against the wrong and hostile viewpoints in the current new situation at the grassroots level remains weak, especially fighting through the Internet and social networks; The network of prevention and fighting against wrong and hostile views has not been given adequate attention. Another problem is that the current situation of reluctance to study resolutions has not been overcome, so it is necessary to have solutions to innovate methods of organizing to thoroughly grasp, study and study the Party's directives and resolutions. The XII Congress document mentioned Party building on morality, the draft report also highlighted some results. However, clearly assessed the change in both awareness and action of the cadres, party members, especially heads of agencies and units in implementing Central Resolution 4 session XII associated with studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style. 

In addition, the organization of the apparatus, streamlining the staffing according to the spirit of the Resolution 18 of the Central Government has in fact many inadequacies and lack of synchronization.

According to LCĐT

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