200 administrative procedures connecting the National Single Window

On the morning of September 22, Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh, Chairman of the National Steering Committee on ASEAN Single Window (ASW), National Single Window (NSW) and trade facilitation (Commission 1899 preside at the 7th session of the Committee.

Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh highly appreciated the efforts of concerned ministries and branches in implementing assigned tasks, achieving positive results, in the spirit of facilitating import and export, especially goods. agricultural chemistry.
By the end of August 2020, there were 200 administrative procedures of 13 connected ministries and branches, up 12 procedures compared to 2019, with over 3.2 million records and over 40,000 enterprises.

In addition, ministries and branches have newly built and completed connection checks, are preparing to officially implement 14 new administrative procedures of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (6 procedures), and the Ministry of Defense (6 procedures ), Ministry of Health (2 procedures); new construction and in the process of testing 9 new administrative procedures of the Ministry of Health.

With the ASW mechanism, Vietnam has also connected more with 5 ASEAN countries, including: Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and the Philippines, bringing the total number of connected members to 9 countries. The total number of certificates of origin (C / O) received from ASEAN countries is over 179,000 while the total C / O sent to ASEAN countries is over 263,000.

Vietnam also negotiated to exchange certificates of origin with the Eurasian Economic Union; Electronic C / O information exchange with South Korea and New Zealand.

Specialized inspection continued to achieve positive results, in which the proportion of import and export consignments subject to specialized inspection at the customs clearance stage decreased from 33% to 19%.

Ministries and branches have also focused on reviewing and eliminating overlaps in specialized inspection; review and reduce the list of goods as well as standards and regulations of groups of goods subject to specialized inspection.

Ministries and branches have made great efforts in reviewing and building legal documents on specialized management and inspection; electronic test procedures; renovating inspection work; review concentrated specialized inspection sites; socializing specialized inspection ...

The Ministry of Finance has completed and submitted to the Government for approval the Project on Reforming the model of food quality inspection and food safety inspection for imported goods, focusing on the following contents: To simplify, standardize, and unify the process and procedures for quality inspection and food safety inspection; applying conversion of quality control methods ...

At the same time, to expand the object of exemption from quality inspection, food safety inspection; improving compliance of businesses, ensuring the controlling role of state management agencies through the application of the principle of risk management in quality inspection and food safety inspection for goods. import and carry out random inspection not more than 5% to assess compliance with the law.

Regarding the tasks in the coming time, the Deputy Prime Minister suggested ministries and branches continue to review and develop plans to implement the remaining assigned tasks.

The Ministry of Finance develops a project to submit to the Prime Minister on food safety quality inspection for imported goods; coordinating with ministries and agencies to develop an information technology system development project serving the implementation of ASW and NSW mechanisms to ensure the implementation of level 4 administrative procedures; establish a mechanism and accelerate electronic data sharing to optimize the use of the NSW mechanism in the direction of facilitating and reducing costs for businesses in implementing procedures.

Arranging appropriate human resources to closely coordinate with the General Department of Customs in the process of connecting and operating electronic procedures; promptly solve problems of enterprises in the process of implementing administrative procedures.

Continuing to issue a list of goods with HS codes, technical standards and regulations for the goods under the management responsibility of ministries and branches./.

According to Hai Minh / baochinhphu.vn

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