Bringing the Party's resolutions to life: Experience in Lao Cai City Party Committee

Bringing the Party's resolutions to life is an important political task. In each certain period, the Executive Committee of the City Party Committee clearly defines the key and critical contents to issue appropriate directives and resolutions and propose practical solutions to bring the Party's resolutions into life, contributing to the successful realization of development programs, plans, and goals.

To concretize the resolution, right from the beginning of each term, the Executive Board, the Standing Committee of the City Party Committee, has issued programs, plans, schemes, and action plans into targets for implementation. The branches, party committees, agencies, units, and localities are based on the actual situation and their professional tasks to develop phase plans and annual plans for focused implementation, critical point. For example, for the term 2015 - 2020, the Executive Committee, the Standing Committee of the City Party Committee built five essential programs of work, 22 projects in various fields, including 217 specific targets; assigned members of the Standing Committee to directly direct the presiding agency and coordinate agencies to organize the implementation. In parallel, the Lao Cai City Party Committee proposed to the Provincial Party Committee to issue a resolution on the development of Lao Cai city in the 2016-2020 period, with a vision to 2030 and earnestly implement the conclusions of the Provincial Party Committee on the content. In addition, the City Party Committee has issued 9 topical resolutions leading to the implementation of tasks, such as land management, construction management; State budget collection; development of education – training. The action programs and plans to implement the resolution are highly feasible, supported, and actively enforced by officials, Party members, and the People.

Comrade Nguyen Van Chinh, Standing Deputy Secretary of the City Party Committee, visited the orange growing model.

In implementing the Party's resolutions, for the 2015-2020 term, the City Party Committee has thoroughly grasped, deployed, and organized the strict implementation of 28 resolutions of the higher level, including 21 resolutions of Central, seven resolutions of the Provincial Party Committee; develop and manage the performance of 32 programs and plans to implement the resolution to ensure the content requirements, closely follow the actual situation of the locality, including 16 action programs to implement resolutions and conclusions. Of the Conference of the Central Executive Committee Session XI, Session XII. Lao Cai City Party Committee is also interested in renewing the content and form of researching, thoroughly grasping the Party's resolutions, ensuring practicality and effectiveness, associated with a specific action plan, identifying and selecting critical tasks and breakthrough contents to focus on leadership and direction.

In the term 2020 - 2025, right after the XXIII Congress, the Party Executive Committee has developed an action plan to implement the resolution, issued four thematic resolutions, 6 projects to implement with the goal of striving to become a class I city. Along with that, an action plan was soon built to implement the Resolution of the XXIIIth Congress to create unity in leadership to successfully implement the set objectives and tasks. The implementation motto is to continue to strengthen the leadership of the party committees and authorities; strictly grasp the undertakings, directives, resolutions of the Party, policies and laws of the State; flexibly and creatively apply mechanisms and policies to practical conditions; building a contingent of staff with a sense of responsibility, professional qualifications and practical capacities to meet task requirements in the new situation; maximizing potentials and advantages, taking advantage of the support and help of superiors; the direction and administration are focused and key; pay attention to quickly solve problems arising from the base.

The request of the Standing Committee of the City Party Committee, the Executive Committee of the City Party Committee is the cell, affiliated party committees to actively build action programs in accordance with the reality of their localities and units. look forward to or copy the action plan content of the superiors; identify key tasks for implementation. In each action program to implement the resolution, it is always clear what cadres and party members do and what the masses do. On the other hand, in implementing Directive 05 of the Politburo on promoting learning and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style associated with Central Resolution 4, term XII on strengthening the building and regulating the Party , The City Party Committee has a creative, flexible way to create a strong spread in the community. Studying and following Uncle Ho is no longer general, but is shown in each specific action. Typically, Lao Cai City Party Committee concretized Directive 05 by the Code of Conduct, successfully built the image of a civilized city - polite - friendly - disciplined, thereby creating a change in Community culture, school culture, transportation, workplaces.

Thanks to that, the requirement of civilized conduct in commerce at Coc Leu market has been significantly improved, or the waste classification has been strictly observed by the urban people. In the coming time, the City Party Committee will continue to issue a directive to strengthen environmental protection, build a bright - green - clean - beautiful city. When implementing the resolution, it is necessary to clearly define the content and have an assignment of responsibility to the agencies, creating a consistency and promoting the roles and responsibilities of each organization, agency and unit.

The role and responsibility of the party committees at all levels in implementing the resolutions of the Party Committee of Lao Cai city are always highly appreciated.

In addition, in order to effectively and effectively implement the resolution, Lao Cai City Party Committee also pays attention to improving the quality of the city's team of reporters; drafting learning materials; improving the quality of political teaching at the city's Political Fostering Center is one of the important solutions to bring the Party's decisions, undertakings and resolutions into practice in social life. In studying and grasping the Party's resolutions, the City Party Committee's Executive Committee has paid attention to enhancing the role and responsibility of the Party Committees at all levels, especially the party committee secretary; overcoming the situation of reluctance to study and lazy to study resolutions of cadres and party members; institutionalize the Party's resolutions into action programs, specific targets, in line with the reality of the Party committees, agencies and units; attaching importance to propaganda and democracy promotion, listening to the people's opinions to promptly adjust inappropriate contents, difficulties and problems, thereby creating a high consensus; strengthen inspection and supervision of the implementation of the resolution; there is a specific assignment for each comrade in the Executive Committee, the Standing Committee and the Standing Committee of the City Party Committee ...

With the above solutions, along with promoting the solidarity tradition of the Party Committee, upholding the principles of the Party, working in accordance with the regulations; regularly, proactively grasp the ideological situation of cadres, party members, the People and orient the public opinion, promptly solve problems arising from the primary; renewing working methods and styles of the party committee and party organization; enhancing the responsibility of managing cadres and party members of the party committee and heads of agencies and units ... has made important contributions to quickly bringing the Party's resolution to life in Lao Cai city.

Nguyen Van Chinh - Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Lao Cai City Party Committee

(According to LCĐT)

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