Promote innovation and improve the efficiency of state-owned enterprises

On October 19, 2020, the Prime Minister just signed to issue Resolution No. 161/NQ-CP on promoting innovation and improving the performance of state-owned enterprises.

Tasks and solutions to promote innovation and improve the operational efficiency of state-owned enterprises

The resolution clearly states a number of major tasks and solutions in the coming time, for state corporations, corporations, and state enterprises; in which, it is necessary to urgently improve governance and competitiveness, focus on training and training human resources, building a system of indicators to monitor and evaluate the efficiency of production and business. according to modern governance standards and international practices.

In addition, at the forefront of technological research and innovation, each state-owned economic group and corporation must be an innovation center; building business ecosystems, forming value chains, pioneering in the implementation of the 4.0 Technology Revolution; to be more active in integration, reaching out to international markets; to focus on the domestic market, as a springboard to integrate and connect with the regional and global value chains.

Along with that, it is necessary to promote solidarity, strengthen linkages, support and help between state-owned enterprises and domestic enterprises of other economic sectors, creating linkages, supply chains. domestic application, reducing dependence on foreign countries; actively seek information, equip necessary conditions, be ready to take advantage of opportunities and advantages of new free trade agreements to redirect, create new value chains, consolidate and expand markets. , affirming Vietnamese brand in the world.

At the same time, it is necessary to enhance the tectonic role in difficult areas, pay attention to investment in areas, private areas that do not want to invest, and sensitive areas related to security and defense; formulating specific and comprehensive criteria to evaluate the more correct efficiency of state-owned enterprises in the economy.

State corporations, state corporations, and state-owned enterprises need to actively contribute to restructuring the economy, maintain macro stability, and ensure security for the economy (energy security, wage security. real, environmental protection ...). For state-owned joint stock commercial banks, the State must hold dominant shares. In the fields of electricity, food, telecommunications, defense and security enterprises and a number of welfare enterprises serving the people, the State must hold shares. State-owned enterprises must have strategies and lead to promote the development of a number of fields such as 5G technology, e-government, smart cities ... to be aware of the role and position of state-owned enterprises in This issue to renovate, improve efficiency and restructure state-owned enterprises.

At the same time, it is necessary to continue promoting the role, reforming the organizational model and leadership modes of Party organizations and mass organizations in the process of restructuring State enterprises; clearly specifying the responsibilities of the party committee, the head of the party organization in State enterprises when losses or losses occur and violate the Party's guidelines and the State's laws.

Ensure both anti-epidemic and developmental

The Government requires ministries, branches, localities, economic groups, state corporations and state-owned enterprises to strictly implement the resolutions of the Party, the National Assembly, the Government and the Prime Minister's directives. Relevant Prime Minister and some contents. Accordingly, urgently building and submitting to competent authorities for approval or approval of the restructuring plan of affiliated state enterprises in accordance with the provisions of Decision No. 707/QD-TTg; review and strictly handle responsibilities of concerned individuals and organizations for the delayed approval of the plan according to regulations; urgently direct units subject to rearrangement and handling of houses and land to make report on declaration, proposing plans to handle houses and land, on the basis of which, to synthesize and make report on plans for approved by competent authorities; review and inspect the implementation of plans for rearrangement and handling of houses and land to ensure compliance with the prescribed regime, to prevent loss and waste.

The People's Committees of the provinces and centrally-run cities are responsible for directing functional agencies to closely coordinate with centrally managed enterprises in checking the current housing and land status; urgently give comments on the plans for rearrangement and handling of houses and land of centrally-managed enterprises in the locality to ensure the progress of the settlement plan approval.

The owner's representative agency directs the representative of state capital to urge equitized enterprises to strictly register for trading and listing on the stock market; hand over the enterprises subject to the handover to the State Capital Investment Corporation in accordance with the law; ...

State corporations, corporations, and state enterprises both ensure the anti-epidemic requirements of COVID-19, while ensuring maximum production and business activities; reviewing and adjusting the targets of production and business in 2020 to suit the new situation; in which, building solutions to respond to risks, minimize negative impacts of COVID-19 epidemic, propose and specifically propose solutions to restore production and business after the epidemic ends. Along with that, businesses need to pay attention to their employees, arrange and arrange labor reasonably, ensure jobs, stable income, and take care of the lives of workers. In case of force majeure, it is necessary to temporarily reduce the number of employees, it is necessary to have appropriate policies and support and subsidies.

No group interest in equitization occurs

The resolution states: Localities need to bring into play the strengths of key economic regions, and big urban centers are the locomotives for socio-economic development; formulating and implementing policies and solutions for sustainable and synchronous development; promoting intra-regional, inter-regional and international links, creating a basis for developing new models of territorial organization, production and business organization; forming industry clusters, linking production value chains and supply chains.

The ministries, branches and localities need to base themselves on their assigned functions and tasks to actively research and implement consistently and thoroughly to reform administrative procedures, improve the business investment environment, and focus on determine the shortcomings that hinder the development of the business; supply chain, broken value chain recovery; building and developing new supply chains and value chains ...

Enhance the role, awareness and responsibility of the head of enterprises in equitization, divestment, and restructuring of state-owned enterprises, linking the results of the implementation of restructuring, innovation and efficiency improvement. state-owned enterprises with the responsibility assessment of the head; ensuring publicity, transparency, compliance with legal regulations, compliance with market principles, preventing group interests from occurring in equitization, divestment, and restructuring of state-owned enterprises.

Quynh Hoa

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