Unique pattern on silver of the Red Dao people

For the Red Dao people, silver and decorative patterns on silver are very popular. Products are mainly used for decoration on shirts, hats, necklaces, bracelets... Patterns are chiseled strokes, carved on silver jewelry, which are small motifs that contribute to beautify the jewelry to become beautiful, harmonious and highlight the beauty and nobility of the people.
Dao people are proud of silver carving.  Photo: TL

On silver carved products of the Red Dao people, the artists often use natural motifs and patterns such as silver ring with carved fern motifs, buttons with flower motifs, melon seeds, palm leaves... Decorative patterns on these silver products depict images that are close and attached to the daily life of the Red Dao people.

Polishing silver products.

Each silver jewelry product has different decorative motifs, depending on the level and nature of the important sacred objects of silver. If it is the marriage engagement gift, the bracelet and necklace are engraved with fish motifs with the meaning of connecting the bride and groom to live happy life ever after. Women's silver earrings are carved with stylized flowers and leaves to enhance the beauty of woman's face.

Although each silver jewelry has different decorative motifs, the common feature is to contribute to the beauty of the jewelry. In addition, there are printed motifs of straight lines, straight segments, short, long, large, small curves, V-shaped motifs, square motifs decorated symmetrically. In particular, silver carvers of the Red Dao people often use short, small V-shaped motifs, adjacent to each other to form curves, short and long straight lines like petals and leaves.…

A stage in silver crafting
Silver jewelry set of Red Dao people.

The meanings of these motifs are derived from nature, living environment, and production drawn by the Red Dao to reflect in beliefs and rituals. They think that these are important patterns and shapes for life, so they are put into crafting on silver jewelry products.

Therefore, it can be seen that carved decorative patterns on silver products are preferred and preserved by the Red Dao people. Silver products are creatively decorated by silversmiths with aesthetic, meticulous to every detail patterns. Until now, silver jewelry products always appear in the important events of each life of the Red Dao people such as weddings and funerals...

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