Don Bac Ha is recognized as a Provincial historical and cultural relic

The Provincial People's Committee has just issued Decision No. 3753/QD-UBND on October 22, deciding on the ranking of Don Bac Ha as a provincial historical relic.
Don Bac Ha ruins. (Documentary photo)

Bac Ha garrison is a large-scale military garrison in the garrison system of the French colonialists in Lao Cai province. The works in the Bac Ha Fort are arranged, arranged in a spiral from low to high, with the outermost layer of barbed wire fence, followed by a protective wall, surrounded by many watch-towers guarding the same entrance. Inside the fort, there are many watch-towers with different functions, forming a closed system to serve the French army while occupying Bac Ha.

During the field invasion in Bac Ha, the French colonialists used this military building as the administrative center to run all political and military activities of the whole region, and at the same time as a springboard to invade Ha Giang. In 1950, Bac Ha district was liberated, ending the French colonial rule, and at the same time abolishing the role of Do Bac Ha.

Experiencing the ups and downs of history, currently, most of the works belonging to the Bac Ha Fort have been destroyed, leaving only a few items such as the blockhouse, a 3-compartment water tank in the center of the hilltop, a tunnel in the south of the relic and the foundation embankment system surrounding the fort. Some items only remain traces of the foundation such as Quan Ba house, stables, soldiers' houses, etc.

The recognition of Don Bac Ha as a provincial historical relic is very meaningful, not only attracting a large number of tourists to visit and explore, but also considered a "red address" for traditional historical education. network, patriotism for the young generation today and in the future.

According to LCE

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