Nghia Do - the green and safe destination

Nghia Do land, Bao Yen district has recently been officially identified on the tourist map of Lao Cai - one of the potential destinations being opened and awakened.

Nghia Do preserves traditional stilt houses to develop tourism.

Coming to Nghia Do, the visitors will feel the peace of a rural village by the tranquil Nam Luong river, with green villages, traditional palm-roofed stilt houses, cultural identity and cuisine. The unique and simple daily life of the Tay people here is really becoming a green and safe destination during the pandemic.

Nghia Do offers the tourists a different experience. It is the deposition of the soul when discovering the depth of the cultural space of the Tay people, of the green palm forests, of the stretching rice fields, of the clear stream winding around the village, of the majestic waterfalls in the middle of the mountains... You will relax when you choose for yourself some quiet moments watching the Tay women weave cloth, brocade, make bamboo and rattan products, and make traditional palm leaf hats. It is unforgettable to enjoy the cuisine with the unique characteristics of the Tay people, the products from the process of cultivation and agricultural cultivation. Come to Nghia Do on Sunday, the visitors can come to the market to enjoy local products.

Tay Nghia Do women are graceful in traditional palm leaf hats and costumes

Experiencing a green, friendly and safe tourist destination, you can choose for yourself a traditional homestay on stilts with the unique characteristics of the Tay Nghia Do people. You can sit on the porch on stilts, read a book, drink tea, sit on the stairs "nine steps of love" to watch the ducks swimming in the pond. You can choose to walk in the middle of the green rice fields or the ripe rice season, in the middle of the green fields of strawberries and corn in winter, on both sides of the road with colorful flowers. You can wade along the clear stream to feel the inherent coolness, greenness and peace of this land without having to worry about safety.

Restoring brocade weaving to develop tourism

If you are a lover of cultural heritages, you will enjoy Tay folk songs, then rhythms, dandy, folk games (swallow fighting, throwing bow, shooting crossbow). Returning to Nghia Do on the right spring day, you will be able to go in the cultural space of the Tay village festival with the festival going down to the fields, the ritual procession of sacred water at the beginning of the new year, and being bathed in fragrant leaves according to the tradition of the Tay people. Going to Nghia Do in the ripe rice season, not only experiencing the beautiful natural scenery, but also enjoying the fragrant taste of Nghia Do sticky rice, being immersed in the ritual of eating new rice, and the ritual of offering rice to Nghia Do Temple…

According to Mr. Nguyen Anh Chuyen, Secretary of Bao Yen District Party Committee: Sustainable development of tourism, towards economic growth, does not harm environmental resources, does not cause traditional cultural values ​​to be lost which is the objectives of Bao Yen district. Therefore, Bao Yen district is making a difference in tourism development in Nghia Do. That is, identifying people as the subject of tourism activities are also the main beneficiaries of the benefits from tourism. Encouraging people to actively invest and directly participate in tourism activities. Initially, a chain of model families as homestays has been built with positive signals, and is currently continuing to evaluate the effectiveness and replicate in the near future. Mobilizing people to actively build a "bright, green, clean and beautiful" environment"...

At the same time, actively promoting internal strength by preserving the cultural identity of Tay Nghia Do ethnic group. Bao Yen district has built 3 village cultural houses according to the traditional stilt house architecture. Inviting leading scientists in heritage conservation to develop projects to preserve and promote indigenous heritage values. Inviting consultants to restore festivals, folk games, and traditional crafts based on indigenous knowledge, in order to create sustainable livelihoods and develop products for tourism.

Bao Yen district is currently developing community-based tourism to ensure "dual goals" in accordance with the policy of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People's Committee to both prevent pandemic and develop green tourism - safe tourism. It is expected that the tourism event "Scent of Nghia Do" will be held at the end of 2021 to promote the beauty of culture and people of Nghia Do to visitors and welcome the Spring of the Tiger 2022. Combination tourism development with ecological environment protection, community interests, towards a green Nghia Do - harmony and identity.

Nghia Do - a green and safe community tourism destination will not disappoint visitors. In the future, when the Tay Cultural Space, the Ecological Museum and the largest water fountain in Vietnam exist, Nghia Do will surely become a destination that is not only green and safe, but also very unique, attractive of Bao Yen tourism./. 

Thanh Cuong

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