Bao Yen High School No 3: Colors of Ethnic Culture Festival

High School No. 3, Bao Yen district, organized the "Cultural Festival of Ethnic Groups" with many exciting and attractive activities with strong national identity..
Ethnic Culture Festival has attracted a large number of students

Coming to the "Cultural Festival of Ethnic Groups", the students had the opportunity to participate in many interesting activities with 12 exhibition booths recreating the local ethnic culture space such as culinary culture, folk songs, musical instruments, folk games, display of traditional costumes and tools imbued with national identity…

Students performed Tay folk songs
Participating in attractive folk games.

The contents of the festival were associated with experiential activities of the subjects of Literature, History, Geography, and Citizenship Education; At the end of the experiential activitíe, students have written essays according to the requirements of each subject.

Experience the living and working of the highland people.

The "Cultural Festival of Ethnic Groups" contributes to improving the effectiveness of the school education program in association with local characteristics; strengthening teaching activities associated with practice and experience; helping teachers innovate the form of teaching organization, understanding teaching methods associated with practice.

The dishes prepared by the students were imbued with national identity.

The festival also created conditions for groups of students to introduce to teachers and friends about the cultural identity of ethnic groups, as well as to apply knowledge of some subjects to local real life.

According to LCDT

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