Watching the "color of flowers" of the Lao Cai highlands

Not only beautiful nature, Lao Cai highland also makes many people captivated by the beauty of daily life. Coloring the steep slopes, sharp mountains are simple images of women. They are likened to cactus flowers with strong vitality and persistence with their own unique flavor.

On the occasion of International Women's Day March 8, Lao Cai Newspaper would like to introduce some pictures of daily life of ethnic women in the Lao Cai highlands.

The women of Xa Pho Kim Son commune (Bao Yen) are colorful in the middle of the mountains.
Red Dao sisters in Sa Pa gracefully follow each needle line
H'mong girls show off their beauty in spring.
In the modern daily life, Tay women in Thong Nhat commune (Lao Cai city) still keep their traditional customs.
Nurturing sweet fruit season.
Young woman in the Bac Ha highlands during the ripe fruit season.
In each highland village, many traditional crafts are still preserved by skillful hands.
Highland children study hard for a bright future.
Bo Y Muong Khuong women join hands to maintain the border.
According to LCDT

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