Building tourism products with Lao Cai "brand"

In the period of 2016-2021, Lao Cai tourism has achieved impressive results, many large-scale tourism projects have been effectively put into operation, attracting many strategic investors to invest and develop the tourism products with "Lao Cai brand", the tourism industry has gradually confirmed itself as the "breakthrough" stage in the economic development of the province.

Attracting investment to develop tourism products

Many projects of resorts, eco-tourism areas and community tourism have been put into operation, contributing to improving the quality of tourism products: Fansipan legend cable car entertainment area; Topas Ecologe eco-tourism area, Ham Rong, Cat Cat (Sa Pa); 5-star standard hotels (Hotel de la coupole - Mgallery by sofite, Silk Path, Pao's Sa Pa and Aristo International Hotel...). The franchise of European and Asian restaurants, ethnic culinary services is diversified and rich; service complexes, tourism, entertainment, traditional medicine baths, casinos, brocade trading services... meet the diverse needs of the tourists. Ongoing projects such as: Sa Pa Cultural Park, Daughter Hill tourist area (Sa Pa); Na Co Lake (Bac Ha), Nhac Son Park (Lao Cai City), Ban Qua golf course (Bat Xat), Muong Hoa Cultural Park (Sa Pa)...

Fansipan legend cable car entertainment area.

Enhancing tourism promotion activities

Many national and international events have been successfully organized to make a big hit in the country; The National Tourism Year "Lao Cai - Northwest" in Lao Cai was successfully organized, impressed and attracted the participation of 8 expanded Northwest provinces. Famous cultural and sports events have been formed, attracting domestic and foreign tourists such as: Bac Ha traditional horse race; International Mountain Marathon (VMM), International Cycling Tournament One Circuit Two Nations Vietnam - China, International Mountain Bicycle Race along the route of Lao Cai city - Bat Xat - Y Ty - Ban Khoang - Sa Pa,... Information technology application has been promoted, completed and put into operation of 3 smart tourism application software in advertising, promotion and management of tourism activities.

Forming tourism products with the "brand" of Lao Cai

Resort and eco-tourism products have been invested and developed. The number of tourist accommodation establishments has increased rapidly with more than 1,300 tourist accommodation establishments, the system of hotels and resorts with 3 to 5 star standards being invested, the leading brands of accommodation business have been present in Lao Cai such as Victoria, Acord, Intercontinental..., leading to the standards of international hotel chains being applied in Lao Cai. Therefore, the quality of tourist accommodation establishments and tourism human resources has been improved and changed significantly in recent times.

Community tourism products have been interested in developing in the right direction associated with the advantages of natural landscapes and unique cultural values of ethnic minorities in Lao Cai, with over 20 tourist attractions in the community in Sa Pa, Bac Ha, Bat Xat, Bao Yen... more than 350 ethnic minority households doing business (homestay) in the whole province.

Community tourism attracts foreign tourists.

Cultural tourism products have been built, exploited and developed into tourism products with special features such as: Program "Journey to discover the heritage route of Terraced rice fields - Northwest culture; Tourism program to discover cultural features of upland market fairs to serve tourists: Bac Ha Cultural Market; Can Cau Market (Si Ma Cai); Pha Long Market (Muong Khuong); Muong Hum, Y Ty Market (Bat Xat)... Spiritual tourism program along the Red River through the system of monuments and scenic spots serving tourists at Thuong Temple, Mother Temple, Doi Co Temple, Co Tan An Temple, Bao Ha Temple (Lao Cai Province); combination with temples: Dong Cuong, Nhuoc Son and Tuan Quan (Yen Bai province); Mau Co Temple, Tam Giang Temple, Du Yen Temple (Phu Tho province)... Tourism products associated with cultural tradition is maintained and developed sustainably such as: Dancing festival of the Red Dao people, Gau Tao festival of H'mong people, Festival of going down to the fields (long tong) of the Tay people (Ta Chai Bac Ha), Roong Pooc festival of Giay people (Ta Van, Sa Pa) Forest Offering Ceremony “Ga ma do”, Kho gia gia Festival of the Ha Nhi people (Y Ty, Bat Xat).

Thematic tourism products such as the "Northwest flower colors" tourism program through flower festivals to serve tourists at the following locations: Spring Flower Festival at An Duong Vuong Street, Lao Cai city; Sa Pa Flower Festival at the departure station of Fansipan cable car, Sa Pa town to introduce and display orchids, cherry blossoms and Azalea flowers of Lao Cai province; Thematic tourism program "Azalea flower season" in Hoang Lien National Park (Sa Pa), Y Ty old forest (Bat Xat); sight seeing spot of Bac Ha flower valley, Ho Na Co Park (Bac Ha); The program to see buckwheat flowers in Bac Ha and Si Ma Cai districts connected to Ha Giang.

Also in the creative journey, Lao Cai also has tourism products that make up the brand such as tourism to conquer the peak, sports tourism, tourism associated with traditional craft professions, culinary culture.…

In the coming time, Lao Cai's tourism industry will continue to take advantage of its potential and strengths to build the system of featured and distinctive products to create the highlight in the Northwest tourism. In which, focusing on developing 8 groups of tourism products (high-class resorts; culture, community; ecology, agriculture, craft villages; sport tourism; seminars and events; shopping; virtual reality travel - smart travel and border travel) with the goal of putting into operation about 140 new tourism products by 2030./.

Ha Phuong

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