Bat Xat organizes incense worshiping ceremony at Mother Trinh Tuong temple

On the morning of April 10 (the 10th day of March of lunar calendar), Bat Xat district organize the incense worshiping ceremony at Mother Trinh Tuong temple.

Mother Trinh Tuong Temple is the place to worship the Holy Mother of Thuong Ngan, which has been recognized as a provincial historical and cultural relic in 2016 and increasingly attracts a large number of people to worship. Every year, in order to remember and appreciate the great merits of Holy Mother Thuong Ngan, Bat Xat district organizes a festival on the 10th day of March of lunar calendar.

Incense worshiping ceremony at Mother Trinh Tuong temple.

This year, due to the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, Bat Xat district only organized the Holy Mother incense worshiping ceremony with brief rituals, but still solemnly and respectfully such as: Announcement ceremony, praying for peace which was surrounded by the people and tourists to come to offer incense and worship.

The ritual of offering incense to Mother Trinh Tuong Temple is a meaningful activity in traditional education for the generations to preserve the principle of "gratitude", to pay tribute to the ancestors who have had merits since the early days of establishment and protection of the nation.

In the coming time, with the capital of socialization, Bat Xat district will continue to start the second phase of the project "Building and embellishing the historical and cultural relics of Mother temple in Trinh Tuong commune, Bat Xat district" with the following items: : Huu Vu house, Ta Vu house, public service house, Tam Quan gate, semicircular lake, Phuong Dinh house, Trinh temple, ritual gate and other auxiliary items to better serve the needs of visiting and worshiping the People and visitors.

According to LCDT

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