Visitors explore Sapa's food and agricultural products market fair

Coming to the Sapa Upper Mother Temple Festival in 2022, visitors can experience and explore the Sapa food and agricultural products market fair.

At the display area of the Tourism Promotion and Information Center of the province, people from communes and wards in Sa Pa town area have brought typical products such as: Bones soup, sticky rice cakes, sticky colorful rice, mushrooms, medicinal herbs, peaches...; handicraft products of the ethnic groups living here.

Visitors explore the food stalls and agricultural products in Sapa.

 Many products are brought for sale.

In particular, visitors can also directly participate in making many culinary dishes such as pounding sticky rice cakes, making herbs, cooking Bones soup... and enjoy the dishes prepared by themselves.

Participate in the processing and enjoy the purple sticky rice cakes.

Ms. Dinh Hoang Thuy, a tourist from Hanoi city shared: This is my second time coming to Sa Pa, but it is the first time that I can directly experience the stages of making the traditional sticky rice cake of Giay people, especially the sticky rice cake, with a different purple color from the cakes I've eaten before. I would love to experience more traditional crafts and the stages of making traditional dishes of the ethnic minorities in Lao Cai.
Directly making and guiding tourists at the stall of Ta Van commune, Ms. Ly Thi Xen, Ta Van Giay 2 village shared: I am very happy to be able to introduce the traditional dishes of my nation to a lot of domestic and abroad tourists to contribute to attracting more visitors to Ta Van commune. I also feel happy because the tourism has been reopened, the village has tourists to visit, so that we can continue to serve, attach with the profession and develop community tourism.
At Bone soup making stall, many tourists have gathered by the bone soup pan to watch the processing stages and enjoyed the fragrant, hot bowls of bone soup on a pink fire stove.

Visitors gather around Bones soup pan.

Mr. Truong Manh Hung, a Hanoi tourist shared: I have eaten Bones soup for many times but I have never seen with my own eyes the cooking stages, especially the large Bones soup pan like in Sa Pa. The taste of bones soup here is also very good and different from bones soup in other places I've eaten.

Visitors enjoy eating street food and products made from Sa Pa's agricultural products.
Experience making herbal incense bud.
Buy and enjoy roasted chestnuts, chestnut cakes on Xuan Vien street.

Coming to Sapa on this occasion, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy many other street foods such as roasted chestnuts, chestnut cakes; participate in making herbal incense buds, buying products made from brocade... of local ethnic minorities.
Food and agricultural products market fair will take place until the end of April 3, 2022.

According to LCDT

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