Famous Bac Ha Pho

Bac Ha has long been likened to a miniature of "Da Lat" in the Northwest region. Not only the poetic scenery, simple people, but also the culinary culture of the ethnic communities here are also very special.

Coming to Bac Ha in these days near to Tet holidays, foreign visitors will have a very strange feeling before the scene that appears and disappears in the complete fog in a minute. It will be very emotional to be immersed in the flow of people eager to go to Bac Ha market, sitting around a wooden table by the market with their hands putting above flickering fire, every time they talk, everyone's mouth breathes out air which is like dew.

Attractive Bac Ha Pho.

Even more special when waiting together for the friendly lady owner to bring out a bowl of pho covered with boiling broth in a large pot. The aroma of typical spices which cannot be found in nowhere else follows the wind and spreads to a market as earnestly inviting diners.
Like many other market fairs, today Mr. Vu Seo Sinh and his wife in Ta Cu Ty commune went to Bac Ha market from early morning. After selling a pair of black chickens and a piggy pig, Mr. Sinh and his wife invited each other to the food court to eat a bowl of hot pho. Mr. Sinh said: Every day at home, I usually eat rice, eat a lot of men men, so when I go to the market fair, if I dont't eat pho, I feel very annoyed!
It is also Bac Ha Pho, but eating pho in restaurant and street areas will be very different in the market fair. The difference is perhaps in the pot of broth, people in the market cook broth made from black pork bones, also mix with boiled local pork and chicken... When mixing that broth with hand-coated noodles made from pink old-grain milled rice, it will have a strong, sweet taste, leaving a rich taste without the sweetness from sugar or MSG.
Ms. Giang Hoa, a shop owner with nearly 20 years of experience selling pho in the culinary area of Bac Ha cultural market shared: The most important secret to having a delicious bowl of pho is the selection of ingredients. Pigs and chickens used to cook pho must be raised by indigenous people, in the process of raising they do not use industrial feed, mainly rice bran, corn, banana trees and wild vegetables, which will not be foul during cooking.

Highlanders coming to the fair cannot ignore Bac Ha Pho.

The special thing that makes Bac Ha Pho so "famous" for so long is also the noodle. Not the kind of white rice noodle made from plain rice in the delta, Bac Ha noodle has a characteristic light pink color because it is made from rice grown for a long time in the fields. The rice that makes this noodle is inherently very hard, but when making the noodle, it is much tougher and richer than normal white rice. Therefore, eating a bowl of Bac Ha Pho, many people still remember the sweet and chewy noodle very much.
In addition to the most typical pho with broth in Bac Ha, from that same kind of noodle, the people also transform it into a special sour noodle dish, very unique pho mixed with char siu meat. "The reputation comes first", over the past time, many YouTubers have come to Bac Ha market fair to learn and enjoy Bac Ha's specialty pho. Videos when posted on social networking platforms have attracted millions of views, shares and comments, contributing to bringing images of Bac Ha culture, people and cuisine to viewers not only in Vietnam but also to international friends.

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