Check-in places you can't miss on Liberation Day holiday in Lao Cai

As April 30th - May 1st is one of long public holidays, most of us want to find a suitable tourist destination. It’s not just simply finding a place to relax after tiring working days, but people also want to discover new lands in Vietnam. One of the most popular places is Lao Cai. Many wonder why Lao Cai is a favorite tourist destination on the April 30th - May 1st holiday. This article will give you the answer.

According to a survey from a lot of travel lovers, it is recommended to visit Lao Cai from April to May when the season changes from spring to summer to see the most beautiful natural sceneries of the year. If you want to take memorable and breathtaking photos on the occasion of the upcoming holiday, Lao Cai is a great option.

Sapa Flower Festival - The biggest rose festival ever

Sapa Flower Festival - The biggest rose festival ever

One of the reasons that many people want to visit Lao Cai this holiday is to participate in the biggest rose festival in the northwest. You will admire a rose paradise with an area of ​​​​up to 50,000sq.m inside the Sun World Fansipan Legend of ​​Sun Group. Fansipan rose festival 2022 is a gathering place of more than 10,000 climbing roses with over 1.5ha of ancient Sapa roses and nearly 100 other varieties from many countries such as England, France, Japan. Roses are always the most attractive point of Sapa every April and May. You will no longer need to look at photos of brilliant climbing roses, or dream of a heavenly rose paradise but can see with your eyes and take beautiful and romantic photos with roses. The swings decorated with roses, fountains and rose-shaped hearts are exclusive check-in spaces.

Sapa Flower Festival - The biggest rose festival ever

You can also participate in a much-awaited event in Sapa on this occasion, which is the 4th ‘Horse hooves in the clouds’ race taking place from April 29th to May 2nd 2022. It’s a great experience to take photos with northwestern horses.

Sun Plaza Sapa - The Paris crossroads in the middle of Sapa

A very familiar place in Sapa is the Sun Plaza Sapa. This is a commercial center with a European-style design and beautiful and exquisite living space. There are hundreds of beautiful shooting angles here that tourists think they've been lost in the West.

 Check-in at Sun Plaza Sapa gate

 Sapa Station in Sun Plaza Sapa

An interesting and unique destination is Sapa Station in the Sun Plaza Sapa building. This train will climb to Muong Hoa Sapa Mountain where you can see the whole view of mountain, forest, land and sky of Sapa.

Infinity garden

Infinity Garden is about 4km from Sapa town. It takes about 15 minutes to travel by motorbike from the town. It is a favorite check-in place recently.

A corner at Infinity Garden

Chasing clouds at Infinity Garden

If you love to take photos of heaven and earth blending together, let visit Infinity Garden in the early morning. A sea of ​​clouds covered with layers, layers of fog. This mystical scene not only gives you chances to take breathtaking photos, but also brings relaxation and tranquility to your spirit.

 Romantic sunset at Infinity Garden

Or if you want to take more romantic and emotional photos, visit the garden at sunset.

Check-in the roof of Indochina - Fansipan Peak

Fansipan peak is the most popular check-in place in Lao Cai. Fansipan is located on Hoang Lien Son mountain range, about 9km southwest of Sapa town. Fansipan is not only the highest mountain in Vietnam, but also considered the roof of Indochina with a height of 3,143 m. There are three favorite check-in places in Fansipan.

 The first is the symbol of the roof of Indochina.

The second is Sapa Heaven Gate

The third is Temple complex on the top of Fansipan

Cat Cat village

Cat Cat is an ethnic village of the H'Mong people in San Sa Ho commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province. This village was formed in the mid-19th century. Today it still preserves traditional crafts such as flax cultivation, cotton cultivation, cloth weaving, and bronze casting. This is considered the most beautiful village of the northwest. You can dress like ethnic boys and girls, posing at extremely poetic shooting angles in the village such as rice fields, waterfalls, and unique photo shoots on wooden roofs, red silk trees, giant watermills, wooden rafts.

The poetic beauty of Cat Cat village

Romantic check-in scenery

Taking photos from above with the glittering terrace fields

You can also check-in Ta Van or Lao Chai villages. This time is the pouring water season so you will surely have great photos here.

Sapa Stone Church

Sapa Stone Church

The Sapa stone church has the Roman Gothic architecture style with a dome and a pyramidal bell tower. The iconic stone church has appeared in many famous movies, so this is a definitely must-go place to have cinematic photos just like in a movie.

There are many other tourist attractions such as Muong Hoa valley, O Quy Ho Pass, Sapa Museum, Silver Waterfall. There’s a funny saying that when you visit Lao Cai, not only your memories are filled with images of a lovely, beautiful land, friendly people, tasty food but also your phone memory will be full with too many check-in photos./.

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