Festival "Essence of the Northwest - Flavors of Lao Cai" will be held in Sa Pa from August 5-8

In order to restore and develop tourism, effectively exploit natural resources and cultural heritages; strengthen cooperation, linkage in tourism development among 8 expanded Northwestern provinces, from August 5 to August 8, 2022, Lao Cai province will organize the Festival "Essence of the Northwest - Flavors of Lao Cai" in Sapa town.
Festival "Essence of the Northwest - Flavors of Lao Cai" associated with the Program "Brocade Love Story" was successfully held in Sa Pa at the end of 2021.

Coming to the Festival "Essence of the Northwest - Flavors of Lao Cai" in 2022, tourists will be immersed in the cultural space imbued with the Northwest identity with many attractive activities.

The new feature of this year's Festival is the piloting of a number of typical tourism products, exclusively available in Sa Pa for tourists to experience. It is a quiet space for tourists to enjoy the Leaf pan-pipe, Lip pan-pipe, reciprocal singing and looking at the unique traditional costumes of the H'mong, Dao people…

The opening ceremony of the Festival “Essence of the Northwest - Flavors of Lao Cai” is expected to open at 8:00 p.m. on August 6, 2022 at the Sa Pa Town Complex with special art program praising the beauty of Lao Cai land and people; affirming that Lao Cai is the different destination, where tourists from all over the world gather, meet with beautiful nature, friendly and hospitable people.

In addition, tourists can also experience the exhibition space, introducing tourism potentials, tourism products, typical products of the provinces in the cooperation group of 8 expanded Northwest provinces and typical attractive destinations of Lao Cai province such as: Ancient stone beach (Sa Pa), Hoang A Tuong Palace (Bac Ha), Flying Waterfall (Van Ban), Choan Then (Bat Xat), Nghia Do (Bao Yen)…

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