Destinations for exciting summer vacations

Every Summer is a great time to plan trips. How many attractive destinations of Lao Cai that you have not discovered yet? The following addresses will be suggestions to help you and your loved ones enjoy interesting summer trips.

Discover the place that preserves the cultural quintessence of the ethnic groups in Sapa

The cool weather and fresh climate make Sa Pa always the destination chosen by many tourists in the summer. If you have passion for cultural discovery, love quiet space, then Sapa Museum will be an attraction that will not disappoint you.

Sa Pa Museum is at the address of No 2, Fansipan Street, Sa Pa town, opposite the Stone Church, in the spacious and airy campus of Lao Cai Provincial Tourism Promotion and Information Center. Sa Pa Museum has ancient beauty, put into operation in 2007 according to the model of the French tourist Arcachon. As a place to store and display many valuable artifacts about the ethnic groups in Sa Pa, Sa Pa Museum is an ideal place for tourists who want to learn about the culture and beliefs of the ethnic minorities here.

Sapa Museum - the place to keep the quintessence of national culture

Coming to Sa Pa Museum, tourists have the opportunity to learn more than 200 artifacts and models reproducing the daily life of ethnic groups: Mong, Giay, Red Dao, Tay, Xa Pho... At the same time, exploring unique traditional culture of the indigenous people which is simulated at the museum such as the wedding ceremony of the ethnic groups, the ceremony of granting the identity of the Red Dao people, and a number of major festivals associated with national beliefs... Not having to spend too much time traveling, you can also learn about typical house architecture: Stilt houses of the Tay and Giay people; walled houses of the Ha Nhi people, the earthen walled house of the Mong people.

The museum also displays many handicrafts with characteristics of Sa Pa and brocade stalls such as skirts, shirts, bags, towels... so that tourists can freely choose meaningful gifts for relatives.

Cooling off on summer days from pristine waterfalls

The mountainous terrain with many high slopes and strong dissection has brought Lao Cai many beautiful natural waterfalls. Most of the beautiful waterfalls of Lao Cai still retain the wild character and have not been affected by humans. Enjoying the cool natural water under the waterfalls will help you "cool off" on summer days.

Ta Lam is a tall, long and majestic waterfall located in the west of Muong Khuong town, Muong Khuong district. From Highway 4D, the gateway to the center of Muong Khuong town, tourists can clearly see 3 layers of white waterfall. Ta Lam is like the greeting of Muong Khuong to tourists when starting to arrive at the border land. The waterfall is located between two mountains, looks like two dragons reaching down, carrying on the immense green forest. Going deep into the foot of the waterfall, you can see a primeval forest with rotting trunks, vines, shrubs and some old trees growing on majestic limestone mountains.

Dau Nhuan Waterfall still retains its wild features

Another beautiful and pristine waterfall that has been recognized as a provincial scenic spot is Dau Nhuan waterfall (Phu Nhuan commune, Bao Thang district). Dau Nhuan Waterfall is formed from Nhuan stream originating from Hoang Lien mountain and forest, with 3 cascades, water flows all year round. Dau Nhuan Waterfall has clear and cool water. At the foot of the waterfall, large pools of water are formed, suitable for bathing in summer. Coming to Dau Nhuan waterfall, tourists can also admire the majestic mountain scenery, tea hills, and overlapping palm forests.

Seeing flowers, grilling fish… at Mia's Garden

Creating miniatures for tourists to take photos in combination with food services is not a new model. However, at each location, with its own climate and layout, it will attract the attention of tourists. Mia's Garden is one of the new attractions that many people are eager to find in Coc Cai Thuong village, Nam Mon commune (Bac Ha district).

Mia's Garden attracts tourists by its brilliant flower garden.

Mia's Garden is the model combining sightseeing, flower garden photography and fishing services. The flower garden here is grown by seasons such as heather, sunflower, butterfly flower ... which is an interesting check-in point for young people who want to save beautiful moment with new and unique style from costume rental service.

When you want to escape from noisy cities, Mia's Garden will be the highlight of your travel guide manual book every summer. Mia's Garden is suitable for the whole family or group of friends to visit and have fun. Mia's Garden has large fishing pond, with fishing rods and baits available, your job is just to drop the rod and wait patiently for the fish to come. Mia's Garden also has large yards, suitable for outdoor grilling; There are small huts, enough space for your whole family to dine on the spot.

According to LCDT

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