The factor that determines all victories

During the past 75 years, under the leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, Lao Cai has achieved many victories and great accomplishments in the fields of politics, economy and society. That further affirms that the wisdom of the Provincial Party Committee is always the foundation, key and prerequisite for Lao Cai to continue to advance and take off.

After the August Revolution, our country's revolutionary spirit continued to rise. In early September 1946, the Party Committee of Lao Cai province was established. In order to improve the leadership capacity of the resistance war for national salvation, on March 5, 1947, in Lao Cai town, the meeting of all party members of Lao Cai province held a meeting to elect the Provincial Party Committee. This is a brilliant milestone marking the official foundation of the Provincial Party Committee, from here, the Lao Cai people have had the Party to directly lead the struggle to liberate the homeland and build a new life.

At the end of 1947, the French colonialists recaptured Lao Cai, under the leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, the army and people of Lao Cai ethnic groups coordinated with the main army and armed forces of the Northwest provinces to fight back. , defeating the plots of the colonialists and feudalists, actively contributing to victory in the Song Thao Campaign (July 1949), the Northwest Campaign (February 1950). In particular, under the direct leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, Lao Cai troops and people actively participated in the Border Campaign (Le Hong Phong II Campaign) which culminated in the victory at the end of 1950 to November 1, 1950, Lao Cai province was completely liberated.

After liberation, the army and people of ethnic groups in Lao Cai province accompanied and provided human and material resources, contributing to victory in the Dien Bien Phu Campaign. During the years of resistance against the United States, the provincial Party Committee led the Lao Cai people to both build socialism and fight against the enemy's destructive war, build a solid rear, and actively support the front lines. Lao Cai province is proud to have thousands of young people enlisting in the army and participating in combat, many of whom have heroically sacrificed themselves, and together with the whole country made a great victory in the spring of 1975, reunifying the country. In the years 1976 - 1991, Lao Cai province belonged to Hoang Lien Son province, the people of ethnic groups in the province continued to promote economic and social development, build border defenses, participate in fighting to protect the northern border, repel invaders, maintain national sovereignty.

Re-established in 1991, from the ruins, backward, sprawling infrastructure after the war, after more than 30 years, under the leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, Lao Cai has "grown up" to become the driving force of development, a bright spot in the Northwest region of the country and the top province in the Northern Midlands and Mountains region. During the past 3 decades, Lao Cai has had a double-digit economic growth rate, people's income is 122 times higher, budget revenue 276 times higher, social security, people's life in all aspects continuously increased.

The revolutionary victory during the past three-quarters of the century continues to affirm the leadership and wisdom of the Provincial Party Committee, especially the unification of will and solidarity throughout the political system, forming the synthestic strength for Lao Cai to overcome all difficulties and challenges, to create shining miracles. Summarizing over the terms, the Provincial Party Committee has summarized valuable lessons about leadership, which is the attention and focus on ideological and political work, in which focusing on the study of political theory, practical conclusions and summaries; At each level, each branch from the province to the grassroots, there is unity of will, action, solidarity in practice, actively fighting against wrong and hostile views, protecting the ideological foundation of the Party. The Provincial Party Committee has always been proactive, creative, dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility, for the purpose of building and developing Lao Cai province with appropriate goals and steps.

Provincial Party Committee renews leadership method in the direction of "close to people, close to grassroots"

In the photo: Standing Provincial Party Committee contacted and had discussed with health officials in July 2022)

The wisdom in leadership is also reflected in the fact that the Provincial Party Committee has always adhered to Party building principles such as democratic centralism; collective leadership, individuals in charge; criticism and self-criticism associated with strict discipline; unity and agreement. The principles are all towards the common goal of improving the Party's leadership capacity, creating high unity in the formulation of guidelines and decisions and in fact leading the organization, administration and implementation of political tasks. With the Provincial Party Committee, it is to strengthen the role and leadership capacity of the Executive Committee, directly the Provincial Party Committee's Standing Committee for affiliated party organizations. Besides, maintaining discipline and discipline in leadership and management, aiming to improve the people's material and spiritual life, stabilize society, and effectively and efficiently operate all levels of government. The strong political system serves as a measure of the effectiveness of the Party's leadership.

Democracy in the Party is promoted

Another valuable lesson about the revolutionary victory learnt by the Provincial Party Committee during the leadership process is to improve the fighting strength of the party's grassroots organization, the leadership capacity of the Party committees at all levels, and the leadership of the Party committees at all levels, leaders and members. Along with that, the content and mode of operation of the Party committees and organizations at grassroots level are interested in innovation, ensuring the centralized leadership, the education, and the combativeness in the activities of the leadership capacity. By the beginning of 2022, the Provincial Party Committee has 14 affiliated party committees (especially the Party Committee of Apatit Vietnam One Member Company Limited, which is assigned authority at the grassroots level), with 615 branches and grassroots party committees (including 275 parties, 340 branches); The whole Party Committee has 12 parts and divisions, 2,918 branches under the grassroots Party committee with a total of 52,141 party members, accounting for nearly 7% of the province's population. Up to now, Lao Cai province has 100% of villages and hamlets with independent branches, of which over 85% of branches have party committees.

The year 2022 has many historical milestones associated with the leadership of the provincial Party Committee, which is the 115th anniversary of the founding of Lao Cai province, the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Party committee and more than 30 years of re-establishing, renovating and developing Lao Cai province. This is also the second year of implementing the Resolution of the 16th Provincial Party Congress and the 13th National Party Congress Resolution.

Solidarity and unity are precious traditions of the Provincial Party Committee through the periods.

Promoting tradition and revolutionary achievements over the years, the Provincial Party Committee is continuing to focus on innovating methods, improving leadership capacity for the development goal of Lao Cai province, which has been identified as: “Building Lao Cai to develop comprehensively to become a growth pole, a trade connection center between Vietnam and ASEAN countries and Southwest China; By 2025, Lao Cai will continue to be a developed province of the Northern Midlands and Mountains, by 2030 Lao Cai will become good province of the whole country, in 2045, developed province of the whole country.

According to Cao Cuong/LCDT

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