Creating driving force for growth

During the length of construction and development, Lao Cai province has paid special attention to planning and identified it as a resource, as well as a driving force for growth. Therefore, through the development stages, with different requirements, but Lao Cai has always followed the motto: Planning must be one step ahead, close to reality, feasible, and promote different potentials, outstanding opportunities and competitive advantages of areas and fields that need planning.

Creating driving force for growth


Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee

With the goal of covering construction planning as a basis for implementing construction management and investment to serve the needs of socio-economic development of the province, urban and rural development is synchronous in planning of land use, traffic, technical infrastructure, up to now, Lao Cai province has covered the general planning in 100% of urban areas, functional areas and communes. Regarding zoning planning, detailed planning of urban development areas and functional areas in the province has been approved, covering about 50% of the area, ensuring a good average level compared to the whole country.

From the focus on planning, Lao Cai province has attracted many investment projects, many urban areas, commercial housing areas, residential areas have been started construction, the appearance of urban areas, urban areas. The function is gradually improving, contributing to socio-economic development in the locality. The urban space of Lao Cai has been expanded, forming a number of key growth poles. The quality of urban areas in the province is increasingly improved. Urban management has always been focused, in which focusing on well implementation of the work of ensuring urban order and beauty.

Urban appearance is getting better and better thanks to good planning.

Entering the period of 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050, especially Resolution 11-NQ/TW of the Politburo, there are very specific orientations to develop Lao Cai province in association with the general development of the region. Therefore, the overall goal has been determined by Lao Cai, which is to bring into play all potentials, advantages, resources and human factors for Lao Cai to develop quickly, sustainably and comprehensively on the pillars of economic, social, environmental and national defense and security assurance; quickly and sustainably improving the province's competitiveness based on attracting investment in developing the socio-economic infrastructure system, promoting comprehensive digital transformation and improving the quality of human resources; development of border gate economy, processing and manufacturing industry, tourism, agricultural commodities are the driving force; becoming a growth pole and trade connection center between Vietnam and ASEAN countries and the Southwest region - China. By 2030, strive for the GRDP per capita of Lao Cai province to be in the group of 10 provinces and cities with high GRDP per capita of the whole country; per capita income ranks in the group of 30 provinces and cities with high per capita income of the whole country; becoming the center of the region and the whole country in terms of tourism, border economy, service and manufacturing industry. By 2050, to build Lao Cai into developed province, development center of the Northern Midlands and Mountains and the whole country; important connection center on the Kunming - Lao Cai - Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh Economic Corridor between China, Vietnam and ASEAN with a synchronous, modern and integrated development infrastructure system. Lao Cai's economy develops in the direction of being creative, green and clean; one of the major cultural activity centers in the Northwest region with strengths in preserving and promoting cultural values ​​of ethnic minorities; ensure the harmony between economic development and environmental protection, rational and effective use of natural resources.

Scientific planning contributes to attracting investment in Lao Cai.

To achieve this goal, Lao Cai has focused all resources to develop the Lao Cai Provincial Planning for the period of 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050. Accordingly, the plan aims to build and develop Lao Cai province to become a growth pole and a hub connecting the southwestern provinces of China and ASEAN countries, in line with the general development viewpoints and policies of the Northern Midlands and Mountains and the whole country, important contribution to promote socio-economic development and ensure national and regional security and defense.

Maximizing efficiency of potentials, advantages and resources for Lao Cai to develop quickly, sustainably, inclusively and comprehensively. Arrange space for effective and sustainable socio-economic development on the basis of development focus: 1 driving force, 2 development poles, 3 economic zones, 4 economic development pillars, 5 tasks focus to exploit, effectively exploit the potentials and advantages for the general development of the province.

Actively seizing the moment and effectively taking advantage of opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in association with the process of international integration to restructure the economy, develop digital government, digital economy, and digital society, in which people are the center and the most important development resource, science - technology and innovation are important driving forces; improve productivity, quality, efficiency, competitiveness and continuously create new comparative advantages to improve the competitiveness of the provincial economy.

Economic development is associated with ensuring social progress and justice, reducing poverty and improving the quality of cultural, spiritual and material life for the people; ecological environmental protection; preserving historical and cultural relics and heritage; efficient and sustainable exploitation and use of natural resources; proactively adapt and respond to climate change.

Actively expanding foreign relations and international integration to create a favorable environment for socio-economic development cooperation; actively summarizing, learning from experiences and proposing to the Central Government guidelines and policies on socio-economic development in border areas in the direction of "Peace, cooperation and development".

Closely combination of economic development with potential consolidation, firmly ensuring national defense - security, in which the task of ensuring national defense - security is the resolute condition, economic development is the focus; which is the model province in building a solid defensive region in terms of national defense and security and the defense of international economic cooperation and competition, maintaining political stability, social order and safety.

Outstanding in the Lao Cai Provincial Planning for the period of 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050, it is clearly defining breakthroughs and key tasks to be solved in the planning period. Accordingly, the breakthrough stages are identified as: Completing the system of synchronous and modern socio-economic infrastructure, focusing on key traffic works, large urban infrastructure, digital infrastructure, digital transformation; developing and strengthening the application of science, technology and innovation; developing service industries with advantages, knowledge and high technology content: border-gate economy, tourism, education-training, healthcare. 

Development priorities include: 1 driving force, 2 development poles, 3 economic zones, 4 economic development pillars. Specifically, forming a dynamic economic axis along the Red River, in which to develop the urban axis of Bat Xat town, Lao Cai city, Tang Loong town, Pho Lu town, and new urban centers of Vo Lao and Bao Ha, Trinh Tuong; developing mineral deep processing industry, light industry, deep processing of agricultural product industry; attracting investment in the construction of logistics zones, commercial infrastructure in service of the border gate economy, industrial parks, industrial clusters, development of tourist service areas, cultural-spiritual tourism and entertainment and recreation. The dynamic economic axis along the Red River plays the role of linking the development space of 2 development poles, 3 economic regions of the province, connecting inter-provincial and connecting the whole country with Southwest China. 

The two development poles are the northern pole, including Lao Cai city, Bat Xat district, Sa Pa town, Bac Ha district and a part of Bao Thang district, focusing on developing border-gate economy, trading, urban areas and tourism, industry, agriculture; The southern pole focuses on urban development, industry, tourism, agriculture and forestry, is the area connecting the province with the provinces of the Northern Midlands and Mountains, the Northern Delta and the ASEAN region.

Perspective of Sapa - Lao Cai airport.

3 economic zones are: Lowland area including Van Ban and Bao Yen districts, focusing on developing commodity agricultural production areas, building value chains of agricultural and forestry products; developing spiritual and cultural tourism; attracting investment in the construction of logistics zones and commercial infrastructure associated with the dynamic economic axis along the Red River and Sa Pa airport, Noi Bai - Lao Cai expressway; developing industrial zones in the region. Upland areas including Bac Ha, Si Ma Cai, Muong Khuong districts, Sa Pa town, the western part of Bat Xat district develop temperate endemic agricultural products; developing various types of tourism with the focus on Sa Pa national tourism area, Bac Ha highland, Si Ma Cai, Muong Khuong, Bat Xat; implementing policies on social security, sustainable poverty reduction, stabilizing people's lives of all ethnic groups, and upholding national border sovereignty. The central area includes Lao Cai city, Bao Thang district, the lower part of Bat Xat district along the Red River, focusing on developing border gate economy, border trade, services, tourism, logistics, manufacturing industry, and high technology industrial processing, becoming an important link in the market value chain of agricultural and forestry products; a place to attract investment resources in both resources and high-quality human resources, promoting innovation, creativity, digital transformation, implementing the transformation of "green" economic development of Lao Cai province.  

Transport infrastructure development is identified as one of the key tasks.

4 economic development pillars, including border gate economic development, services; to develop the processing and manufacturing industry; tourism development; economic development of agriculture, forestry and fishery.

Key tasks include: Perfecting institutions and policies; developing human resources and labor resources; completing infrastructure, focusing on traffic infrastructure and digital infrastructure; developing agriculture and rural areas and stabilization of population arrangement; preservation and promotion of the cultural identity of Lao Cai people.

Well aware of the very important role of planning for the development of the province and of the Northern Midlands and Mountains, Lao Cai has been putting the planning into the right role and position, and considering the planning is one of the leading tasks in socio-economic development and will be carried out with all responsibility for maximum effectiveness.

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