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Lao Cai city plays a particularly important role in the development of Lao Cai province; is the driving force, the center of politics, economy, culture and society; position as an important trade "bridge" between provinces and cities of Vietnam and Southwest China.


The highway section through Lao Cai city contributes to promoting trade.

After 5 years of implementing Resolution No. 06 dated October 20, 2016 of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee on the development of Lao Cai city for the period 2016 - 2020, with a vision to 2030 (Resolution No. 06), the city has developed strongly and quite comprehensively. The average economic growth rate is 16.4%/year; economic structure shifts in the right direction. In 2020, GRDP per capita will reach 125 million VND, per capita income will reach 86 million VND; State budget revenue in the area achieved  the total provincial budget revenue; the import-export value achieved  3.2 billion USD; trade - service has developed rapidly, types of services have quickly increased in quantity, scale and quality, the number of tourists has increased by 40%/year on average. The city's urban infrastructure is interested in investment, the urban appearance is increasingly green, clean, civilized and modern; the urbanization rate reached 74.7%; the city area was expanded to 282.13 km2 (1.27 times); recognized for completing new rural construction. Socio-cultural has made great progress, the people's material and spiritual life has been improved, the city basically has no poor households, and social security is guaranteed. Party building and political system have many positive innovations; ethnic and religious affairs are well done; the operation of the administrative apparatus changed towards being streamlined, practical, effective and efficient; external relations are expanded, national defense and security are firmly guaranteed. Up to now, the city has achieved 3/5 criteria of a grade I urban area, affirming the role of a city of peace, friendship and foreign cooperation of the Northern Midlands and Mountains and the whole country.

The implementation of the planning is always associated with urban infrastructure investment.

After 30 years of re-establishing provincial towns, especially after 5 years of implementing Resolution No. 06, the city has made great progress in socio-economic development, bringing the stature of a modern urban area, contributing significantly to the overall development of the province.

Entering a new phase, in response to the requirements of the renovation and integration cause, the development of Lao Cai city to new heights continues to receive special attention from the province. That is an indispensable requirement in line with the goal of building Lao Cai to become a growth pole, a center connecting economic trade between Vietnam and ASEAN countries with Southwest China, which is also the aspiration of the Party Committee, government and people of ethnic groups in Lao Cai city. This goal and aspiration is realized by Resolution No. 16 dated October 1, 2021 of the Provincial Party Committee on the development of Lao Cai city to 2023, with a vision to 2025. Accordingly, Lao Cai city continues to be identified as the political, economic and cultural center of the province; nucleus, creating spillover and development for districts and towns; is the basis, driving force, ensuring the construction of Lao Cai province to develop comprehensively, to become a center and bridge for economic and foreign trade between Vietnam and ASEAN countries and China. Therefore, the construction of Lao Cai city to develop quickly, comprehensively, sustainably and smartly is not only the task of the city, but also an important and long-term task of the province.

The new look of Lao Cai city. Photo by Ngoc Bang

The target set by 2030, Lao Cai city is a grade I urban area, rich, beautiful, civilized and modern; is the regional center of the northern mountainous provinces in terms of services, trade, import-export, logistics, tourism, supporting industries, education - training, healthcare, culture and sports; people's material and spiritual life reached a high level; national defense and security are firmly guaranteed; party organization and a clean and strong political system. Vision to 2050, Lao Cai city is rich, beautiful, smart and modern city; comprehensively developed city belongs to the group of developed cities of the country.

To realize this goal, Lao Cai city has well implemented planning and planning management; to build grade-I urban centers, rapidly develop infrastructure, especially urban infrastructure, border-gate economic zone infrastructure, and transport infrastructure connecting regions and foreign affairs. In which, completing the spatial planning for socio-economic development of Lao Cai city in accordance with the provincial planning in the period of 2021 - 2030, with a vision to 2050; to step up the planning of construction and urban development towards smart, green and sustainable; urban development of Lao Cai city in association with Lao Cai border-gate economic zone; prioritize investment in important infrastructure projects that connect the city with the region, and at the same time have a spillover effect on regional development; continue to complete the planning, invest in a synchronous technical infrastructure system in industrial zones and clusters in the city.

Border gate economy - spearhead in economic development of Lao Cai city.

The city focuses on economic development, restructuring in the direction of services, tourism - trade is the key, accounting for the main proportion; industry is the mainstay, attracting human resources; agriculture, new rural construction is important. Accordingly, the development of trade and services of Lao Cai city is closely linked with the development of Lao Cai border-gate economic zone, taking into account the factor of expanding the border of Lao Cai city; to build Lao Cai city into an important tourist connection point of the region and the country, connecting with Sa Pa National Tourist Area, Y Ty Tourist Area (Bat Xat), Bac Ha; develop industry and handicraft in the direction of processing industry, agricultural supporting industries, information technology industry, giving priority to industries applying high technology, creating jobs to attract many workers.. .

Attract and effectively use investment capital from all economic sectors for socio-economic development; concentrate capital from the state budget for important and essential socio-economic infrastructure works, creating a driving force for the city's development and spreading to the whole province. Promote administrative reform, improve the investment and business environment, create attractiveness to attract capital from the private sector, especially large economic groups for the development of the city's socio-economic infrastructure. Strongly develop the private economic sector; encourage creativity and entrepreneurship.

Lao Cai city attracts many businesses to invest.

To develop education, training, and healthcare, to become the center of the Northern Midlands and Mountains, on par with major cities in the country.

To build the city into a center for organizing cultural and sports events of the region and the whole country; take care of human development, realize social progress and justice. Implement well management, exploitation and efficient use of natural resources, environmental protection and effective response to climate change. Closely combine socio-economic development with assurance of national defense and security, expansion of foreign relations and cooperation. Well perform the work of building a clean and strong Party and political system.

Along with that, develop specific mechanisms and policies, especially those related to land, finance, human resources, organization and staff to create a breakthrough for development.

With the right leadership guidelines of the Provincial Party Committee, the decisions of the Central Committee, along with the beliefs and aspirations of cadres, party members and the people will be the foundation, driving force and resource for Lao Cai city to develop to new heights and affirm its new position.


Deputy Secretary of the City Party Committee, Chairman of the People's Committee of Lao Cai City

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