Lao Tham mountain peak attracts tourists

From October onwards, the land of Y Ty (Bat Xat) enters winter - a beautiful cloudy season.

The golden season on Bat Xat highlands

From the beginning of August, on terraced fields in the communes of Muong Hum, Sang Ma Sao, Nam Pung of Bat Xat district, the golden season of rice has created a remarkable landscape. This is considered the most beautiful season of the year in the highland of Bat Xat.

The sacred mountain peak of Ha Nhi people

Standing from the The Pa valley looking up at the towering cliffs at Ngai Thau, Mr. Phu Gia Xe, the people of Lao Chai village, said it was the sacred mountain of the Ha Nhi on the highland of Bat Xat, especially in Y Ty, A Lu. In their spiritual life, in critical worshiping ceremonies, the Ha Nhi often tend to the top of that mountain to pray for good rain, good wind, and good crops.

The golden season at the foot of Ngu Chi Son mountain

Possessing beautiful terraced fields no less than Muong Hoa valley, Ta Giang Phinh valley, Ngu Chi Son commune (Sa Pa) is a destination in Sa Pa that not many tourists know.

The golden season in the Y Ty highland

Autumn comes from all over the place, especially the plateau, full of colors of the fulfilled golden season. It is the color of the massive, fluffy rice fields, reflecting the joys of people attached to the high mountain area.

Innocent children of Lao Cai upland

The land of Lao Cai attracts many tourists by the majestic of nature and the cultural identity of upland people, including innocent and naïve characteristics of upland children.

Impressive new tourist destinations of Bat Xat

Bat Xat is a land of majestic mountains, beautiful natural scenery, in which Sang Ma Sao terraced rice field is considered by foreign magazines as the most beautiful one in the world. It has advantage to develop tourism with many unique features.

Going to Sapa to view roses blooming

One day at the end of May, amidst majestic nature of Hoang Lien mountains, under the Indochina “roof”- Fansipan was so tall, more than 300,000 rose trees bloomed millions of colorful flowers, creating a dreamy, attractive rose heaven.

Viewing Hop Thanh terraced rice field in season

Not as famous as Sapa, Y Ty terraced rice field, terraced rice fields in Hop Thanh commune (Lao Cai City) have their own beauty.

Bac Ha plateau is purple with Platycodon grandiflorum

Going through the spring with immense white of plum, pear flower, to the March with rice flower season, creating red fire on the cliffs, Bac Ha plateau also has another flower season - Platycodon grandiflorum season dyed in purple mountains and hills in summer sunny days.