Visitors explore Sapa's food and agricultural products market fair

Coming to the Sapa Upper Mother Temple Festival in 2022, visitors can experience and explore the Sapa food and agricultural products market fair.

Mother’s rice cake

For Mrs. Quach Thi Hoan, born in 1961, in Lang Giang hamlet, Thai Nien commune (Bao Thang district), the rice cakes, also known as sticky rice cakes, which she was taught the "secret" by her mother-in-law since becoming her daughter-in-law, which has become her family's favorite dish for decades.

Hemp vegetables of the highlanders

Compared to the ginseng of the highland people, the five-year-old vegetable (the people are familiar call hemp vegetable ) that the ethnic minorities in Sa Pa and Bac Ha still grow as a fence has been known by many people comes by the taste of a medicinal vegetable with good health effects.

Go to Muong Bo to enjoy "flying shrimp"

Every year, starting from the end of September, the beginning of October, on the terraced fields of Sapa highland, ripe rice is dyed a brilliant yellow. This is also the season when locals go to catch the fat, round grasshopper ... which they are used to calling with the common name: "Flying shrimp".

Crispy and fragrant fish from Muong Hum stream

I returned to the beautiful land of Muong Hum in the middle of autumn with the color of ripe rice on terraced fields. I don't know since when Muong Hum stream existed, but that stream is like the soul of the land imbued with cultural identity. Back in Muong Hum, I was invited by the friend who is the teacher here to enjoy a specialty dish from that famous stream and I will remember forever: Muong Hum stream fish.

The Tay people in Lao Cai keep their traditional beauty

For a long time, the Tay people have lived in villages and hamlets or lived with other ethnic groups throughout the districts, towns and cities of the province. The Tay villages are usually located on the outskirts of the city, more or less influenced by urban life, but the households in villages, hamlets and residential areas still retain many unique cultural features of the nation, especially traditional rituals and cuisines.

Sponge cake of Giay people

The Giay people have a rich culinary treasure, in which many kinds of cakes are known to everyone such as to te cake, rom cake, black chung cake, bong cake, Khao cake... Less well known, Giay people also have sponge cake which is very unique, easy to eat.

Kale - a specialty vegetable of the "white highlands"

In the journey to experience the "white plateau" of Bac Ha in recent years, a temperate vegetable that is especially loved by tourists, selected in meals as well as bought as gifts is Kale.

Nung people's fermented bean curd

It takes half a year to soak the spices before they can be eaten immediately or made into dishes with fragrant upland rice. Through many stages of processing, the Nung people in the "white highlands" of Bac Ha have created a unique cuisine, imbued with their national cultural identity, from soybeans grown by hand in the fields – Nung people's fermented bean curd.

Sa Pa: Many activities to stimulate tourism in the summer of 2021

The People's Committee of Sa Pa town organizes a series of activities to stimulate summer tourism in order to prepare well for the holidays from April 30 to May 1, as well as the summer of 2021. The "Sa Pa Summer 2021" tourism stimulus program aims to actively respond to the negative effects of the Covid-19 epidemic on the tourism industry, thereby contributing to the stabilization and recovery of tourism growth in Lao Cai. Following the translation and formation of a tourism product chain to stimulate demand, create travel habits during the annual stimulus period, and increase the experience value for tourists.