Preserving the decorative arts on the costumes of the Dao people

Ethnic traditional costumes are one of the criteria to identify ethnic groups, especially for the Dao people in Bao Thang, the people are preserving the national traditional costumes because weaving and embroidery are still maintained by women in the community. These are good signs in the protection, preservation and promotion of cultural heritage values in the community.
Embroidered bibs

The image of Dao women, who are industrious and creative, is shown through every needle and thread on their women's costumes and clothes. In addition to working occasions, leisure days or idle times of the day, they also take advantage of weaving, cutting, and embroidering. Although the women's costumes of the Dao people are not as colorful, with many motifs and patterns as the Red Dao people's costumes, they also have their own uniqueness that is reflected in the bride's wedding dress, bib and hat, baby sling, brocade blanket. The process of cutting, stitching, and embroidering patterns into complete outfit is completely executed by women's hands and brains, there are no lines available.

Costumes of Dao Ho girls

Children's hats show the community's desire to give children love and protection. In particular, on the bib strip of Dao women, there is story about the legend of the star on the bib. The artifact pattern on the bib depends on the creativity, imagination and skillful hands of each person, but the indispensable main pattern is the 8-pointed star.

Learn to embroider

Through the conservation of motifs and patterns on bibs, hats, towels, belts... that have been passed on to their children and grandchildren by mothers and grandmothers. The main motifs patterns about plants such as cactus, leaves; animal patterns such as fish, worms, dragon legs, natural phenomena such as stars, sun, or familiar objects: combs, letters... The layout of the pattern is symmetrical, the main colors are red, blue, yellow, white, black.

Boy's hats

With the dominant indigo blue for women's clothes and brown for men's clothes, the Dao people have created embroidered blocks in the way that simulates familiar things and phenomena of life, close with people to embroider and weave into bibs, hats, blankets, towels, belts... as a way of beautifying, creating emphasis on their national costumes.

Couple of friends

Recently, in July 2021, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has implemented the transmission, training and filming of the decorative arts on the costumes of the Dao poeple, which has brought new effects in the conservation of cultural identity, helping people to recognize and be more proud of the unique value of the Dao people’s ethnic costume in Lao Cai.

According to LCDT

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