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Resources to contribute to building a new countryside

In addition to the creative ways of each locality, an important factor promoting the implementation of new rural criteria in Bao Thang district is the resources from the Social Policy Bank (Social Policy) loans for poor households and beneficiaries. Other policies have opportunities for economic development, contributing to achieving the criteria of a new rural district in 2020.

Lao Cai: Promote the provision of online public services

In 2020, Lao Cai has accelerated the provision of online public services to reduce paper pressure, towards e-administration, bringing convenience and practical benefits to organizations and citizens.

Lao Cai: 5 years of medical career development

The health sector of Lao Cai is moving forward step by step to modernize, synchronize, streamline and efficiently, improve the quality of medical examination and treatment for the people.

Strengthen surveillance of inbound persons to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic

In the face of the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic in the world as well as in Vietnam, the Ministry of Health - the standing agency of the National Steering Committee for the Prevention and Control of Covid-19, issued an urgent call number 1852 / CD-BCĐ about strengthening immigration supervision and management.

session to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Women's Union

On the morning of October 20, the Vietnam Women's Union in Lao Cai province held a session to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Women's Union (October 20, 1930 - October 20, 2020) and summed up the round Special emulation "Lao Cai women with creative start-ups" period 2018 - 2020.

Lao Cai Foreign Affairs - A hallmark of a term

Along with the general trend of the country integration, over the past years, the foreign affairs of Lao Cai province have always been concerned and focused on development. With the aim of working with foreign affairs to contribute to socio-economic development, maintaining political security, social order and safety, enhancing the province's status with localities in the country as well as with friends. Internationally, Lao Cai has actively promoted foreign affairs activities, enhanced international cooperation and identified this as one of the key tasks to focus on exploiting the province's potentials and strengths, creating an environment. Convenient investment for domestic and foreign investors. The 15th Provincial Party Congress, the 2015-2020 term, defines: “Harmoniously combine Party, State and People's diplomacy, enhance foreign affairs, and build Lao Cai into an important area for international economic cooperation and exchange in the region. and the whole country ”. In order to implement the Resolution of the Congress, the Provincial Party Executive Committee has issued 4 working programs with 19 focus projects, including Project No. 14 “External relations, proactive integration and integration. international cooperation in Lao Cai province, period 2016 - 2020 ”, in which priority targets are identified, including: (1) Attaching importance to comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in all fields with Yunnan province, China; (2) Strengthening relations with localities and foreign partners; (3) Take advantage of investment resources and finance from abroad; (4) To take advantage of the support and guidance of the ministries and central branches, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on foreign affairs. With the efforts of the Party committees, authorities, branches and localities, the province's foreign affairs have gained many positive results, making a mark in the past term.

Lao Cai province leaders communicated with the delegation of the Korean Embassy

On the afternoon of October 23, Mr. Hoang Quoc Khanh - Vice Chairman of Lao Cai Provincial People's Committee paid courtesy visit to the delegation of the Korean Embassy in Vietnam led by Mr. Suk Jin Young, Director of Korea Cultural Center, Second Secretary Most in charge of culture, journalism is the team leader.

Strengthening the management and environmental protection to create a premise for sustainable development

Concretizing the Resolution of the Party Congress of Lao Cai province, term XV, the Provincial Party Committee has issued project No. 10 on "Strengthening the management of natural resources, protecting the environment and responding to climate change in the area. Lao Cai province ”period 2016 - 2020. After nearly 5 years of implementation, although there are still shortcomings and limitations, it is estimated that by the end of 2020, all 8 primary objectives of the project will be completed, making an important contribution to environmental creation safe, sustainable for development.

Korean Cultural Day in Sa Pa 2020

On October 24, in Sa Pa town, the Korean Embassy in coordination with the Provincial People's Committee held the Korean Cultural Day in Sa Pa in 2020.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the GREAT Project in Lao Cai and Son La provinces

On October 20, in Lao Cai city, Interprovincial Steering Committee Project Promoting Gender Equality through Economic Efficiency, Agricultural Production and Tourism Development in Lao Cai and Son La Provinces (GREAT) held a conference to evaluate the implementation of the 2nd year project and discussed the contents related to the 3rd year project implementation plan.