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Muong Bo firmly walks under the Party flag - Lesson 1: Muong Bo - heroic memory

Muong Bo is a village in the middle of the mountain with a stream running through it, according to the locals. It is also referred to as the "cradle" of the local revolution. During the French colonialists' resistance war, the Muong Bo guerrilla team and its officials, party members, and ethnic people here wholeheartedly supported the Party, becoming a solid support for the revolutionary movement and repelling the invaders. Sapa was liberated on November 3, 1950, as part of a strategy. Inheriting that glorious tradition, the Muong Bo ethnic groups are now attempting to transform Muong Bo into a typical new rural commune of Sa Pa town.

Awarding the Prize of Lao Cai Province Reading Culture Ambassador Contest in 2021

This is the first year that the Lao Cai Provincial Reading Culture Ambassador Contest is held. The contest has attracted more than 17,000 students at all levels in the province to participate.

Lao Cai: Provide nearly 1,600 online public services at level 4

Lao Cai province has now provided nearly 1,600/1,999 administrative procedures, reaching level 4 on the Provincial Public Service Portal. This rate reaches 80% of the total administrative procedures in the province, and at the same time achieves the target assigned by the Government for the whole period of 2021-2025.

Muong Bo firmly walks under the Party's flag -Last post: The journey to the new countryside "to the finish line"

Following the merger of two communes, Thanh Phu and Suoi Thau, into Muong Bo commune in accordance with National Assembly Standing Committee Resolution 767, the new commune's socioeconomic situation faced numerous challenges. Infrastructure has not been invested synchronously, agricultural economic restructuring is slow, people's awareness is uneven, the poverty rate is over 16%, and the average annual income is 30.5 million VND. Ten new rural criteria have been met by the new commune.

Lao Cai city: Inaugurated many works to celebrate 30 years of re-establishment of the province

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the re-establishment of Lao Cai province (October 1, 1991 - October 1, 2021), in the area of Lao Cai city, many works and works have been inaugurated, contributing to the city's increasingly urban construction. "Green-clean-beautiful".

Increasing administrative reform level 4 in agricultural production

Over the past time, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has implemented many solutions to carry out administrative reform tasks, including promoting the application of level 4 administrative procedures in the field of agricultural production.

"Business thrives - Lao Cai develops" in the flow of 30 years

After 30 years of re-establishment, Lao Cai has marked many changes in its development journey. In that 30-year flow, it is impossible not to mention the contributions of businesses and entrepreneurs who have been with the province since the early days of re-establishing of the province.

Connection between past and future

Rivers, wharfs and human life, 30 years is not a long time, but it is enough for a young man to enter the age of "thirties" to reach maturity to step stronger and more decisively on the path to conquering his mature. Really there is no comparison, but, still with that strength, 30 years is a stepping stone, enough to continue the journey, the greater plan of the border land of the Nation. That land has gone through wars, years of struggling with barriers...

A new Lao Cai shining: The first days of overcoming difficulties

On August 12th, 1991, at the 9th meeting, the VIII National Assembly issued a resolution to split Hoang Lien Son province and re-establish Lao Cai province. Immediately after the Central Committee issued a decision to establish the Lao Cai Provisional Provincial Party Committee, the key leaders of the province quickly implemented all the work of the new province. From September 23rd, government agencies from Yen Bai town started moving to the province's gathering area in Bao Thang district and Cam Duong apatite mine. On October 1st, Lao Cai province officially went into operation.

Shining a new Lao Cai: Efforts to attack poverty

At the 12th Provincial Party Congress, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Giang Seo Phu for the first time proposed to write in the resolution the term "Attack on poverty", identifying this as a priority goal to call on party members, officials and people of all ethnic groups unite and join forces to attack poverty.