Support to build 5 tourist map houses in Bac Ha district

Trung tâm Phát triển kinh tế nông thôn (CRED) đã hỗ trợ xây dựng 5 nhà bản đồ du lich tại các xã du lịch cộng đồng huyện Bắc Hà.
The map house in Ban Lien commune has the unique characteristics of Tay ethnic culture.

Tourist map houses are built in 5 community tourism communes: Ban Lien, Ban Pho, Ta Van Chu, Thai Giang Pho and Ta Chai. The map houses are designed by architects according to the typical architecture of the local ethnic groups such as the Mong ethinic communes, where the houses have walls and roofs with yin and yang tiles; In Tay ethnic communes, there are wooden houses, thatched roofs of palm leaves... The map houses are designed as being both the display point for maps and the rest stop for tourists when visiting and experiencing in the localities. On tourist maps, there are detailed information about tourism in Bac Ha district in general and specific tourist information of each region in particular.

The map house in Ta Van Chu commune has the unique characteristics of Mong ethnic culture.

Each map house is supported to build with the value of 50 million VND, expected to be completed in June. The construction of map houses will create more tourist products, destinations and highlights, attractive tourists photography spots for the community tourism area in Bac Ha.

According to LCĐT

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