Exploring the Muong Khuong market at the weekend

Lao Cai is the mountainous border province of the Northwest, Vietnam, with many unique cultural identities, creating colorful picture. The market fair in the highlands of Lao Cai is always an attractive destination for tourists and Muong Khuong market fair is also an impressive destination for all tourists who have the opportunity to visit.

Muong Khuong Market is located in the center of the district, now it has been built quite spaciously and cleanly. Muong Khuong market is held every Sunday. When coming to the market, tourists will notice that this place is converged with the rich and unique highland culture of the indigenous people who are the Mong, Dao, Tay, Nung, Giay, and Phu La ethnic groups…

People exchange, buy and sell breeding pigs.

Right from the early morning, whether it's winter or summer, Muong Khuong market has been crowded and bustling. The signals of the highland market here are hard to be confused with any other region, such as the laughter of the natives, the sound of horses' feet clattering on the asphalt, the buzzing of trading... Muong Khuong market has various products such as red chili peppers - a famous specialty in Muong Khuong, armpit pigs, wild pigs, black chickens, sticky rice, mountain melons, pineapples, chili sauce, rice wine, corn wine, cotton brooms, and then buffaloes, cows, horses, dogs, birds... are all brought down the mountain for sale by people. 

Muong Khuong chili sauce is made by traditional manual method, which has a spicy aroma, rich in mountain flavor

Coming to Muong Khuong market, you will get lost in a colorful space of many costumes of highland people from remote villages, which are colorful brocade, idyllic indigo, and soft purple.… Each ethnic group brings its own color to the market, creating a unique colorful space.

Exchange, buy and sell handmade products, produced by local people.

Muong Khuong's chicken bone cane is soft and sweet.

At Muong Khuong market, you can also enjoy typical dishes for the culinary culture of indigenous peoples. Here, you can sit and relax, sip a cup of corn wine, and enjoy Thang Co, which is a famous specialty here. In particular, do not forget to enjoy sour noodle soup, a unique dish of the Nung Din Muong Khuong people.

Bird market area.

Coming to Muong Khuong market, you remember to visit the bird market. Here, there are many nightingales that people collect, sell and exchange from all over the world. The nightingale in Muong Khuong market is famous for its beautiful and strong singing voice. This market also sells a variety of bird cages, the favorite foods of the nightingale, or handicrafts made by the locals.

With all the above identities, it has created a colorful Muong Khuong market. Creating deep impression in the hearts of tourists when coming to Lao Cai.

Trieu Van Duong

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