Lao Cai: Outstanding results in implementing Project 06

Lao Cai determines that implementing Project 06 is the task of the entire political system, central and throughout. Since then, we have focused on drastic direction and many breakthrough solutions, bringing outstanding results to serve people and businesses better and better.

The Prime Minister approved the Project "Developing applications of population data, identification and electronic authentication to serve national digital transformation in the period 2022 - 2025, with a vision to 2030 (Project 06). To implement this Project, the Lao Cai Provincial Party Committee issued Directive No. 37-CT/TU dated May 5, 2023 on promoting the implementation of the Project to develop application of population data, electronic identification and authentication to serve national digital transformation in the period 2023-2025, with a vision to 2030 in Lao Cai province in 2023 and the following years. Directing solutions for telecommunications and Internet coverage to serve the implementation of Project 06. The People's Council of Lao Cai province passed a Resolution on supporting people with fees and charges in handling administrative procedures online with a reduction of up to 40% of fees and charges for performing public services online.

The Provincial People's Committee has Plan No. 108/KH-UBND dated February 23, 2023 on the implementation and implementation of Project 06 tasks in Lao Cai province in 2023. Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Trinh Xuan Truong launched a movement for all people to register, activate and use electronic identification accounts.

Lao Cai Television propagates and guides people to register for electronic identification accounts on their phones. 

Propaganda work has been promoted. Press agencies, mass media, Lao Cai province electronic information portal system and component portals, and grassroots radio systems have posted hundreds of news, articles, photos, and propaganda videos about Project 06, contributing to spreading information to the people. In localities, banners, leaflets, and loudspeakers at village and commune locations participate in propaganda; Integrate propaganda at village and residential group meetings. Promote oral propaganda through a team of exemplary officials, civil servants, and party members who take the lead and disseminate propaganda to relatives and the People. 

Promote propaganda through new forms of media. Agencies, units, and localities throughout the province deployed propaganda via Facebook, Fanpage, Youtube, Zalo with news, articles, and videos promoting the content of Project 06. Propaganda content is translated into the languages of ethnic minorities with images that are familiar, attractive, and easy to understand so people can easily access information.

The Youth Union and Community Digital Technology Group participate in propagating and guiding people to install and activate electronic identification accounts.

Police at all levels in the province have promoted their core role in guiding citizens to register and activate electronic identification accounts. The police coordinate with the Youth Union, Women's Union, Community Digital Technology Group,... to propagate and guide the installation, registration, and activation of electronic identification accounts for people with 4 mottos of understanding "understanding people, understanding work, understanding responsibility, understanding completion time", in the spirit of "going to every alley, knocking on every house, guiding every person". Recently, the Youth Strike Group guided installation and activation for 6,467 people in Lao Cai city.

Activate your eID account

Lao Cai has applied many good and creative methods and practices suitable to the local situation to complete and exceed the target of receiving and activating electronic identification accounts assigned by the Ministry of Public Security. As of August 16, 2023, the result of receiving electronic identification documents in the whole province reached 436,816/325,446 documents (meeting and exceeding the target of 134.2%). The account activation rate according to the target assigned by the Ministry of Public Security reached over 96%.

Bat Xat completed the target of activating electronic identification accounts as of the afternoon of August 1, 2023. Bat Xat district police have completed the target assigned by the Provincial Police to activate 27,118 electronic identification accounts, reaching 100.08%.

Bao Yen has received more than 437,000 electronic identification records, reaching and exceeding 133% of the target assigned by the Ministry of Public Security, as of August 21.

According to statistics, the account activation rate increased by 85.5% compared to 3 months ago, making Lao Cai province one of the leading localities in the country in issuing electronic identification accounts.   

42 million data mining transactions

As of June 7, 2023, Lao Cai province ranked 1/63 localities in the country in the number of data mining transactions through the national data sharing and integration platform with 42 million transactions. This number is 4 times higher than the 2nd ranked locality, equivalent to the 1st ranked agency among ministries and branches, the Ministry of Public Security with 45 million transactions and equivalent to the total number of transactions of the whole country in 1 month.

District and commune-level police have registered and deployed 200 pilot models to ensure "correct, sufficient, clean and live" population data. There are 04 districts, 07 Departments and branches registering 59 pilot models under Project 06. In the provincial point model "Digital Citizenship", 100% of eligible citizens have been issued citizen identification cards with chips, over 300,000 citizens have activated electronic identification accounts.

Top online public service providers

Information systems serving people and businesses are always cared for and promoted by Lao Cai. The focus is on promoting the provision of comprehensive online public services. Lao Cai province is providing 1,854 full online public services on the province's Public Service Portal. 1,356 online public services have been integrated on the National Public Service Portal, the online application submission rate reached 84%. 100% of administrative procedures requiring financial obligations are provided on the National Public Service Portal. Ranking online payment through the National Public Service Portal, Lao Cai ranked 5th/63 provinces and cities.

For 5 utility groups: serving administrative procedures and providing online public services; serving economic and social development; serving digital citizens; Completing the ecosystem, serving connection, exploiting, adding and enriching residential data and utility groups to serve the executive direction of leaders at all levels... has achieved many outstanding results. Permanent residence registration 5,755/5,755 records reached 100%; 561/561 temporary residence registration records reached 100%; temporary absence declaration reached 100%; Notice of stay 8,222/8,222 times reaching 100%; Issuing, re-issuing, amending and supplementing ordinary passports 1,223/1,223 documents reached 100%;...

In the entire province, 100% of medical facilities use chip-embedded citizen identification cards in medical examination and treatment. 14/14 hospitals have implemented cashless payment services for medical examination and treatment costs. Over 61% of educational institutions provide cashless payment solutions. From April 24, 100% of medical examination and treatment facilities in the province will link data on driver health certificates, birth certificates, and death certificates on the health insurance assessment information system of the Vietnam Social Insurance Agency to serve Project 06 of the Government, ensuring 100% of data is connected on the system, creating favorable conditions for people to use online public services on the National Public Service Portal.

According to the ranking of the Index for directing, operating and evaluating the quality of service to people and businesses in implementing administrative procedures and public services in real time in the electronic environment (Decision 766/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister), Lao Cai province achieved 78.41/100 points, ranked 6th/63 provinces.

Determining 2023 as the year of action, creating and exploiting data to create new value, Lao Cai province focuses on digitizing, building, connecting, and sharing data between ministries, industries and localities; enhance protection of personal data; exploit and use data to serve people and businesses; ensuring progress and quality of assigned tasks, ensuring network security and system safety at the highest level in implementing Project 06./.

Thu Hien

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