Lao Cai: Taking care of policies for reputable people in ethnic minority areas

Lao Cai determines that reputable people among ethnic minorities play an important role, being the "extended arm" between the People and the Party and State. In recent years, Lao Cai province has paid special attention to policies and regimes so that reputable people can contribute more to local development, especially ethnic minority areas.

Lao Cai province commends people with outstanding reputation in the period 2021 - 2023..

In order to promptly motivate, encourage and create conditions for reputable people to continuously promote that important position and role, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 18/2011/QD-TTg; Decision No. 56/2013/QD-TTg and Decision No. 12/2018/QD-TTg to implement policies towards reputable people among ethnic minorities.

According to the provisions of Article 4 of Decision No. 12/2018/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister on criteria for selecting and recognizing reputable people and policies for reputable people among ethnic minorities, a reputable person is someone who knows about traditional culture, national customs and practices; have close connections and influence within family lines, ethnic groups and residential communities; respected, trusted, trusted, listened to and followed by people in the community. Village elders, village heads, clan heads or people often invited by ethnic minorities to perform worship rituals for the family, clan, and village; dignitaries and officials in religions in ethnic minority areas (Buddhism, Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism,...); Celebrities, intellectuals, businessmen, teachers, good medical practitioners or people with economic conditions often help and are trusted by their fellow citizens as reputable people.

In 2023, Lao Cai province has 1,119 prestigious people. Of which men account for over 93%, women account for nearly 7%; H'mong ethnic group 34.64%, Dao ethnic group 24.56%, Nung ethnic group 7.13%, Giay ethnic group 5.86%, Phu La ethnic group (Xa Pho, Thu Lao) 2.35%, Kinh ethnic group 1.64%, the remaining Pa Di, Tu Di, La Chi, Hoa, Thai ethnic groups 1.40%.

Recently, Lao Cai province has given special attention to the policy regime for reputable people, fully implementing it and ensuring regulations. In the first 7 months of 2023, all levels and branches have implemented many activities for prestigious people among ethnic minorities. Organized 15 conferences, of which 01 was a praise conference; 05 training conferences; 09 conferences providing information and disseminating laws. Organized 03 groups for 240 reputable people to learn and gain experience. Provide 02 detectors to 100% reputable people. Provide material support and spiritual encouragement to reputable people and prestigious people's households.

In the period 2021 - 2022, industry levels have organized 35 conferences, including 8 provincial-level meetings and training conferences for 570 people, 27 district-level conferences providing information for 2,360 people. 100% of reputable people are provided with 02 newspapers (Lao Cai Newspaper, Ethnicity and Development Newspaper). From 2021 to 2023, Lao Cai organized visits and gave gifts on the occasion of Lunar New Year to over 3,380 prestigious people with a budget of nearly 1.7 billion VND. Organized visits to 86 prestigious people when they were sick or passed away; Reputable households affected by natural disasters and fires with an implementation budget of 59.5 million VND. Organized rewards for 29 prestigious people with outstanding achievements, of which 03 people were awarded Certificates of Merit by the Minister and Chairman of the Committee for Ethnic Minorities; 26 people were awarded Certificates of Merit by the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee.

In economic development, hunger eradication and poverty reduction, prestigious people are also typical pioneers in economic development movements, building new rural areas, and implementing national target programs. Propagate and mobilize people to voluntarily contribute money, land, and labor to build rural areas in ethnic minority areas more and more spacious, contributing a lot of effort and enthusiasm to the development of homeland. A typical example is village chief Lo Seo Lu, born in 1965, Mong ethnic group, who is a reputable person in Ta Tho 1 village. He and his family voluntarily donated 1,000 square meters of land to pave the road. Following his example, people in the village also agreed to donate land and labor to concretize 5km of rural roads, contributing more than 68 million VND to build new rural areas in Hoang Thu Pho commune, Bac Ha district.

Sa Pa town currently has 98 reputable people in 86 villages and 12 residential groups. Mr. Chau A Sinh, Hoa Su Pan 1 village, Muong Hoa commune, is a reputable person in the area with 45 years of Party experience. Mr. Sinh is a shining example in the village in implementing the Party's guidelines, policies and laws of the State. Hoa Su Pan 1 village has 100 households, mainly Mong people. Currently, the village has become a typical example in community tourism development in Sa Pa.

A team of reputable people also regularly participates in resolving conflicts within the People; sensitize and educate subjects who violate the law; propagate, explain, and mobilize fellow citizens to be wary of the seduction and enticement of bad elements opposing the government; maintain security and order in residential areas, mobilize people to participate in all-people movements to protect national security. Regularly coordinate with the government, the Fatherland Front, unions and the masses to bring democratic regulations to life; reflects the thoughts and aspirations of the People; Participate in contributing to the work of building the Party, government, and Fatherland Front. Reputable people make an important contribution to building a strong grassroots political system and strengthening the trust of the community, especially ethnic minority areas, in the political system and grassroots government.

Good implementation of the above policies has contributed to promoting the role of reputable people among ethnic minorities. With their prestige and responsibility, a team of reputable people among ethnic minorities in Lao Cai province has been spreading good values to the community, making important contributions in the construction and socio-economic development of the locality./.  

Vu Dung

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