Viewing Hop Thanh terraced rice field in season

Not as famous as Sapa, Y Ty terraced rice field, terraced rice fields in Hop Thanh commune (Lao Cai City) have their own beauty.

Bac Ha plateau is purple with Platycodon grandiflorum

Going through the spring with immense white of plum, pear flower, to the March with rice flower season, creating red fire on the cliffs, Bac Ha plateau also has another flower season - Platycodon grandiflorum season dyed in purple mountains and hills in summer sunny days.

Experience herbal shower liquid of Dao Do people at Ta Phin - Sa Pa

Ta Phin village is not only known by brocade embroidery but also famous near and far by esoteric herbal bath of Dao Do people.

Go to Sa Pa enjoying Tai Nung pear

Sa Pa summer not only has a cool climate, flowers and fruits are also extremely plentiful. With fresh water, grown on hillsides to welcome sunshine, wind, Sa Pa pear has its very own flavor.

Sa Pa – impressive destination

Being known as a tourist paradise, Sa Pa National Tourism Area is increasingly attracting international and domestic tourists by majestic mountains, peaceful villages, wonderful and pristine landscapes, hospitable and friendly people, unique and colorful culture and culinary. In particular, in addition to owning famous tourist destinations such as Fansipan peak - the roof of Indochina, Bac waterfall, Cau May, Ban Ho, Ta Van, Ta Phin ... in recent years, Sa Pa has created new attraction force by four festive seasons and destinations such as the Sun world Fansipan Legend cable car resort; Cat Cat - the most beautiful village in the Northwest; Su Pan community tourism zone.

Lao Cai Tourism flourishes again

After a long quiet period due to social distancing, Lao Cai tourism has begun to show signs of prosperity again. Lao Cai is still a safe, friendly and attractive destination under the eyes of visitors with beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural identity.

Rhododendron “kingdom”

At the end of February and beginning of March every year, thousands of old Rhododendron bloom on the majestic Hoang Lien Son range, dyed brilliantly on the hidden high mountainsides.

Preserve the ancient Hung Ho culture

Hung Ho - Huong Vinh area of the ancient Dai Viet nation and Sa Pa - Muong Hoa today hides in itself many miracles with the beauty of Hoang Lien Son mountains. Along with the cool climate all year round, this place preserves the rich cultural identity of the Mong, Tay, Dao, Giay and Xa Pho ethnic groups ...

Colorful Muong Khuong market

Muong Khuong Market is the largest market in Muong Khuong district, meeting on Sunday mornings every week. All activities, economic exchanges, culture and identity of the people here are depicted through this fair.

Highland Bat Xat in the crop

These days, farmers in highland communes such as Sang Ma Sao, Den Sang, Ngai Thau ... of Bat Xat district are focusing their efforts to transplant rice fields in a timely manner.