Nuggets season in Na Lo

Autumn comes, when the fruit tree turns red or orange, that's when the kitchens in Na Lo, Ta Chai commune (Bac Ha) can be attracted by the young rice smell. This place is famous for its sticky young rice and the craft of making it is done meticulously by the Tay people.

Go to Bao Yen (Lao Cai) to enjoy Lẳng cake

Known as a special dish of the Tay ethnic people in Northwestern mountainous region, Lẳng cake is an indispensable dish in festivals and Tet holidays as well as important sacrifices of the Tay people in Bao Yen district. With refreshing taste of glutinous rice mingled with sweetness of molasses creating a unique flavor, making it difficult for those who have once enjoyed it to forget the taste of this cake.

Nan San pho cake

In the early spring, the small village of Nan San (Si Ma Cai) bustles in the season of making traditional pho cake. There are many customers ordering pho cake, so Ms. Lu Thi Sinh (Team 3 village) has to mobilize more relatives to help. Sinh's hands were quick to bend the entire chopstick, gently slipped in and skillfully pulled out the pho cake. To get to this stage, before that is a meticulous, long process.

Visit the Muong Khuong market to enjoy the Nung rice cake

If you have the opportunity to visit the Muong Khuong - Lao Cai upland fair, do not miss enjoying the unique and strange dishes of the people here, especially the rice cake of Nung people.