To build Lao Cai into an economic, commercial, tourist, financial and external center for the Northwest region (*)

On the morning of October 15, attending the XVI Lao Cai Provincial Party Congress, term 2020 - 2025, Mr. Nguyen Hoa Binh, Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Chief Justice of the Supreme People's Court gave a speech directing the congress. Lao Cai External Relations Portal proudly presents the full text of this important speech.

Comrade Nguyen Hoa Binh, Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Chief Justice of the Supreme People's Court addressed the Congress.

Dear Vietnamese Heroic Mother; the old comrades to the revolution; People's Armed Forces Heroes, Labor Heroes,

Dear Presidium of the Congress,

Comrades, members of the Party Central Committee, leaders of Lao Cai province through the periods and distinguished delegates,

Overall Dear comrades,

In the exciting atmosphere of the entire Party, the entire people and the entire army, we tried our best to successfully implement the goals and tasks of the 2015-2020 term, emulate the highest achievements to welcome the congress of the party committees at all levels, Towards the XIII National Congress of the Party. Today, I and the members of the Central Executive Committee, the representatives of central and local agencies are very happy to be the Politburo assigned to Lao Cai, a land rich in cultural traditions and revolution to attend the XVI Provincial Party Congress, term 2020 - 2025. This is a particularly important political event of the province, marking a new, dynamic and disciplined development period.

On behalf of the Politburo and the Secretariat, I respectfully send to distinguished delegates and the 348 outstanding delegates of the Party Committee, together with all cadres, party members, soldiers and people of ethnic groups in Lao Cai province best regards and best wishes. Happy successful congress.

Dear Congress,

In implementing Directive No. 35, dated 30/5/2019 of the Politburo, over the past time, Lao Cai Provincial Party Committee has actively deployed and led and directed the successful organization of the Party Congress level; meticulously, seriously and methodically prepare personnel and documents for the XVI Provincial Party Congress. This is an important premise that promises to bring the success of our congress today. The Politburo heard the report, gave specific instructions and basically agreed to the draft document, personnel plan at the Party committee level.

The delegates attending the Congress.


Lao Cai Provincial Party Committee has a long history of pride. Founded in March 1947 with 25 members, up to now, the Party Committee has over 49,000 members. In the early days of its establishment, under very fierce war conditions, the Party Committee made appropriate decisions, leading the people to liberate Lao Cai after nearly four years of establishment (in November 1950). ending 60 years of French colonial rule on the land of the country, contributing to the successful implementation of the war against the French colonialism. Next, the People's leaders successfully carried out the task of "subtracting fraud and slander" in the years of the resistance war against the US to save the country, contributing to smashing the defamation plot in the North. Together with the army and people of the whole country, they firmly fight for national independence, unify the country, and firmly protect the border of the country. In the construction of the country, Lao Cai has made many impressive achievements, being a developed province of the Northern Midlands and Mountains; is a bright spot for economic development and external relations in the border area. Glorious history and bright present have made a precious tradition, for generations of Party members today to be proud and imitate, continue to write new pages of history in homeland and country construction.

Dear Congress,

Being a highland, border province with many ethnic groups living together, the socio-economic starting point is low compared to the general level of the whole country, but after nearly 30 years of re-establishment, especially during the term Recently, the Party Committee and people of ethnic groups in Lao Cai province have unified wholeheartedly, constantly strive, make efforts, explore and break through many difficulties, challenges and although affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, but has achieved great and comprehensive achievements in all fields, achieved and exceeded 23 targets of the Resolution of the XV Congress of the Provincial Party Committee. Notably:

The province has brought into full play internal resources, well exploited the local potentials and strengths; investment with focus; choose the right breakthrough in the direction of sustainable development, so the economic growth rate maintained at a high level, averaging 10.02% / year. GRDP per capita reached 76.3 million VND, ranking 2nd among the Northern Midlands and Mountains provinces. The budget revenue in 2020 reach 9,500 billion VND, 1.72 times higher than that of 2015, the economic structure is shifting in the right direction; industrial production is the foundation, with a high growth rate, averaging 15.2% / year; Tourism has become a spearhead economic sector, with the average number of visitors increasing 13.85% / year. Many famous places such as Sa Pa, Fan Si Pang ... have been awakened, brightening the roof of Dong Duong and a border area, becoming an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists, bringing high income for people. The strong development of infrastructure, the highway Hanoi - Lao Cai has opened up great development opportunities for the province. The planning work is strictly implemented.

Conference scene.

Raising living standards for ethnic minorities has been identified by the Party as a central task throughout. Investment resources in agriculture and rural areas are concentrated, the appearance of rural areas changes rapidly, 54/127 communes have completed a new countryside (reaching 42.5%); 100% of communes and 98% of villages have roads for cars to the center; 100% of rural households have access to hygienic drinking water ... Education and health are focused, being the first mountainous province in the country to eliminate temporary houses and classrooms; Many targets are higher than other provinces in the region and the country. The people's spiritual life is increasingly raised, the cultural identities of the ethnic groups are preserved and promoted. Social security policies are fully implemented. Lao Cai is the leading province in the Northern mountainous region on poverty reduction rate.

National defense and security have been strengthened and consolidated; firmly protect the national border; ensure political security, social order and safety; proactively handle all situations. Foreign relations and international cooperation have been increasingly expanded, creating a favorable environment for Lao Cai to develop.

Party building work, building the political system is focused, there are many innovations and creative ways. Leadership and combat strength of the Party organization has been enhanced; Solidarity and unity in the entire Party Committee is strengthened. Party construction and reorganization; prevent and fight against corruption and waste; Studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality, style and central regulations on the responsibility to set the example has been carried out drastically and methodically. Administrative reform has been carried out comprehensively throughout the political system. The payroll has basically been completed according to Resolution 39 dated April 17, 2015 of the Politburo.

The Executive and Standing Committee renew the leadership method, be proactive, creative and have a strategic vision in determining the development direction of the province. The Party Committee has successfully implemented the Resolution of the XV Congress, term 2015 - 2020, contributing to the successful implementation of the Resolution of the XII Congress of the Party, creating a solid premise for Lao Cai to develop strongly and comprehensively in the coming years..

The Politburo and the Secretariat warmly congratulate and commend the achievements that the Party Committee, the people's administration of ethnic groups in Lao Cai province achieved in the past term.


The results of socio-economic development in the past term have affirmed that the development direction chosen by the Party Executive Committee is correct, the efforts of the Lao Cai Party Committee, government and people very respectable. With the spirit of goodwill, the comrades pointed out in the Political Report, the Report reviewing the shortcomings and limitations that need to be overcome. I agree with these reviews and highlight some of the following:

- Economic growth is high but not commensurate with the potential, not really sustainable. There are not many commodity agricultural production, high technology application, large scale. Tourism products are not really rich, the management, service quality, tourism human resources are still present that have not met the requirements.

- The environmental protection still has some limitations. Waste treatment in industrial zones has not been comprehensively invested, especially in the mining and natural resource processing industry.

- The life of a part of the people is still difficult, poverty reduction is not really sustainable. The poverty rate among ethnic minorities remains high.

- Political security, social order and safety in some places still have potential complications. Labor management in border areas should be further strengthened.

- Leadership and fighting strength of some party grassroots organizations are not strong. Activities of the  Fatherland Front and political-social organizations in some localities have not yet undergone much innovation.

Delegates attending the congress.

I suggest that the congress continue to discuss with the spirit of self-criticism and criticism, frankly, sincerely, analyzing and clarifying the causes, especially the subjective causes to have effective solutions immediately after the congress. Striving for growth and development must go together with trying to eliminate the shortcomings and limitations that really are studying, following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style.

Dear Congress,

In the coming years, it is forecasted that the world and regional situation will continue to have complicated and unpredictable developments. Our country faces basic favorable opportunities, but also faces many difficulties and challenges. That situation poses very high requirements for the Party Committee, the authority and people of ethnic groups in Lao Cai province. I basically agree with the goals, tasks, orientations, solutions and development breakthroughs of the province in the period 2020 - 2025 as stated in the Political Report, and at the same time suggested the Congress to discuss more The following issue number:

- Lao Cai needs to define more clearly the importance of the province's geopolitics and geo-economics; fully aware of the strengths as well as difficulties and challenges of the province and the whole country in the coming time to improve the quality of forecasting, thereby setting out more integrated targets, tasks and solutions. , exploiting the local potentials and strengths. To soon complete the construction of Lao Cai into an economic, commercial, tourist, financial and foreign-relations center of the Northwestern region as determined by the Central.

- Create a favorable environment to attract investment; using all resources effectively, arousing and strongly promoting the unique potentials and advantages of Lao Cai for rapid and sustainable development. To develop high-tech processing industries, trade, services and urban areas. Focusing on clean agricultural production, high-tech agriculture, concentrated commodity production along the value chain to take advantage of a province with a bustling international border gate, next to the vast market of Yunnan ( China). Increasing investment in tourism infrastructure, improving service quality, creating a variety of tourism products, associated with promoting the cultural values of ethnic groups in the province. Pay attention to developing tourism but not break the natural landscape, especially in Sa Pa.

- Strengthen natural resource management. Strictly manage mineral exploitation and processing in association with sustainable environmental protection. To attach importance to the protection of special-use forests and Hoang Lien Van Ban natural reserve; Protecting Red River Water ... Actively plant and protect forests associated with forestry economy and people's livelihoods. Strive to increase the forest coverage rate in the term to 60%. Continue to mobilize the strength of the entire political system and the consent of the People to complete the goal of building a new countryside.

- Along with economic development, it is necessary to take great care of the development of culture, society, education, health, and well solving arising social problems. Special attention is paid to leading and directing the effective implementation of measures to improve the people's lives, especially policy beneficiaries and ethnic minorities.

Our Party and State specially cared for the mountains - once a revolutionary base. In 2019 and 2020, the National Assembly issued Resolution 88, Resolution 120 on the national key program for socio-economic development in ethnic minority and mountainous areas for the period 2021-2030 - A National program full of compassion, showing responsibility to care for people. The resolution includes 10 comprehensive projects on hunger eradication and poverty reduction; economic infrastructure construction; jobs; People's health care; educational development; preserve cultural heritage ... Resources allocated for this national key program are up to hundreds of trillion dong. Lao Cai is one of the focal points of this important National Program. The province should focus on guiding the comprehensive and substantive successful implementation of the Resolution of the National Assembly. Consider this as the key task of Lao Cai in the next term to solve the fundamental difficulties facing mountainous areas, improve the material and spiritual life of ethnic minorities - which has always been our concern. It should be noted that the People's happiness is the Party's highest goal, a measure of the leadership capacity and prestige of the Party Committees levels. If the party is clean, strong and wholeheartedly taking care of the people, the people will believe in the Party, according to the Party. The higher the Party's reputation among the people, the greater the strength of the Party and the more success it will be.

- Thoroughly grasp and realize the Party's policies on building and defending the Fatherland in the new situation, well perform the task of "maintaining national border sovereignty", building a border of peace, recommendations and cooperation. The whole country is always beside Lao Cai and border provinces in performing this noble sacred task. Strengthen the construction of socio-economic infrastructure in border areas, residential areas, border villages, and plan and arrange industrial and economic infrastructure in line with national defense and security tasks. Focus on exploiting potentials and strengths of the border trade; to continue building and improving the efficiency of border-gate economic zones. To attach importance to cooperation and association with other provinces in the region, provinces and cities on the Kunming - Lao Cai - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh corridor, especially with Yunnan (China).

- To concentrate on building an all-people defense in association with the people's security posture; build solid defense areas. To educate about the sense of national defense, to bring into full play the role of border protection of each people. Maintain political security, social order and safety. Prevent and combat effectively a series of crimes, especially crime of corruption, drugs, human trafficking, smuggling and illegal intrusion. Detect and promptly handle all unstable situations, not passively and unexpectedly.

- Focus on building the Party, building a clean and strong political system and consider this as a key task of the Party Committee. Build a really clean, strong, synchronous Party in the following fields: Politics, ideology, morality, lifestyle and leadership. Caring for building solidarity and unity within the Party, because this has become an immortal success lesson in all periods. Continue to promote civil mobilization and ethnic work, build strong solidarity for the entire people. To uphold the Party's discipline; well implementing Central Resolution 4, term XI, XII associated with the implementation of Directive 05 of the Politburo. Constantly improving the roles and responsibilities of the heads of all levels and branches. Promoting the responsibility to set the example of cadres and party members; taking care of building a line-up of cadres and party members in terms of both quality and capacity. More than ever, the People require that at each Party member, each level of members, the spirit of giving up, dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility, is capable of meeting the requirements of the development of the country in period of renovation and integration.


Along with the discussion of documents, the Congress is responsible for electing the Executive Committee of Lao Cai province for the term 2020 - 2025. In the process of preparing personnel for the new party, the comrades have strictly followed the processes and regulations; objective, democratic, open and transparent; ensure the standards, structure, quantity and quality in accordance with the spirit of Directive No. 35 of the Politburo and the Central guidelines. This is a very important task. I suggest delegates to uphold the sense of responsibility, promote democracy, wisely choose typical comrades with strong political bravery, pure moral qualities, good working capacity, and high prestige elected to the Provincial Party Executive Committee. Ensure sufficient quantity, have a reasonable structure, inherit and develop, form a truly united, strong, democratic, innovative and lead to successfully implement the Resolution of the Congress .

The congress will also elect the delegation to attend the XIII National Party Congress, who represent the intelligence, and solidarity of the Party Committee, capable of contributing to the success of the National Party Congress and absorbing the spirit of the XIII Congress to implement successfully in Lao Cai.

With the 73-year tradition of construction and growth of the Provincial Party Committee and towards the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Lao Cai, in the spirit of "Solidarity - Democracy - Innovation - Development", inheriting and promoting the achievements gained in the past term, the Party Committee and people of all ethnic groups in Lao Cai province will certainly successfully implement the Resolution of the Congress, bringing Lao Cai to rapid, strong and steady development, continuing to be the top-developed province in the Northern Midlands and Mountains; creating a premise for Lao Cai to become a well-developed province of the country by 2030 and become a developed province of the country by 2045.

On behalf of the Politburo, the Secretariat, I once again wish the XVI Congress of the Party Committee of Lao Cai province, the term 2020 - 2025 for a great success; wish the Resolution of the XVI Congress will become a vivid and convincing reality in the next 5 years. Wishing the delegates always healthy, happy and successful!

Thank you very much!

(*) The title is set by the Editorial Board 

According to LCĐT

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