Promote foreign affairs activities, international integration

In 2015 - 2020, with the attention of the Party, State, central ministries, and the determination and efforts of all levels, branches, and localities throughout the province, foreign affairs, and international integration of Laos. Cai has obtained many significant results.

Signing an economic contract at the Vietnam - China International Trade Fair (Lao Cai) in 2019.

Based on the comprehensive cooperation relationship between the two provinces of Lao Cai (Vietnam) and Yunnan (China), the border districts and cities and the relevant departments, agencies, and mass organizations of Lao Cai province has proactively established a close and significant relationship with the respective agencies of Yunnan province. The two sides exchanged many delegations at all levels, branches back and forth to visit and work, exchange, learn from experience, sign minutes, and cooperation agreements.

The most apparent evidence in foreign affairs between Lao Cai province and Yunnan province (China) is import and export turnover. The value of import and export turnover through Lao Cai border gate grows stably from 20-25%/year; In 2019, the total amount of export and import turnover of Lao Cai reached over the US $ 3.8 billion, up 26.6% compared to 2018. In particular, in 2020, although heavily influenced by the Covid-19 epidemic, import-export activities in Lao Cai will remain stable and be one of the few border gates with a high trade surplus rate.

With other countries and territories, Lao Cai province has achieved many significant results, contributing to promoting the cooperation between Lao Cai province and localities and foreign partners such as Nouvell Aquitaine (French Republic. ), Gyeongsan City (Korea), Brest Province (Republic of Belarus), U Dom Xay Province (Lao PDR). Strengthen diplomatic exchanges between provincial leaders with embassies of Vietnam, Vietnamese embassies in other countries, international organizations, and foreign international cooperation agencies in Vietnam. Focusing on mobilizing foreign non-governmental aid, organizing sessions, welcoming, and working with foreign international cooperation agencies in Vietnam is implementing sponsorship activities for Lao Cai as groups function: WB, AFD, ADB, JICA (Japan), KOICA (Korea). They welcome many delegations from the UK, Belgium, Australia, Korea, Belarus, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, China, and Laos. They also contacted potential investors, foreign multinational companies, and corporations operating in Vietnam to call for investment in h-tech manufacturing, supporting industries, and quality services high quality, technical infrastructure, tourism, trade ...

Thanks to efforts to expand foreign relations and international cooperation, up to now, Lao Cai province has 20 valid foreign direct investment (FDI) projects with a total registered capital of 541 million USD, including 11 FDI projects from China, 03 FDI projects from Singapore, 03 FDI projects from Korea, 03 FDI projects of individuals and organizations from Denmark, Norway, the UK, and the US, focusing mainly on export manufacturing industries (09 projects), tourism - service (07 projects), agriculture, forestry, and fisheries (04 projects). Programs, projects, and grants of foreign non-governmental organizations are implemented in the right direction, focusing on the province's priority areas of mobilization such as health, education, and infrastructure support for school...

In the coming time, Lao Cai province will continue to focus on strengthening information and propaganda on international integration; to invite and attract foreign direct investment enterprises to invest and do business in the locality, which, to give priority to the following fields: industry, agriculture services, infrastructure construction.

Continue to organize the effective implementation of cooperation agreements with foreign partners, especially the traditional relationship with Yunnan province (China), Nouvell Aquitaine (French Republic). In addition, continue to promote administrative reform, especially reform of managerial procedures, improve the business investment environment, attract investment, improve provincial competitiveness, build infrastructure to attract investment, especially to attract foreign investment capital./.

Minh Phuong

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