Let women stick with their homeland

Over the past years, the number of women leaving the locality in the province has decreased significantly. It is the result of efforts from all levels, sectors and organizations.

In 2011, there were 700 cases of women leaving the province and by the end of June 2020, there were 16 cases left. In some areas, in recent years, women no longer leave their localities, such as Lao Cai city, Bao Yen district and Van Ban district. Improving the quality of life, promoting economic ownership to keep women in the homeland is considered one of the most effective measures.

The project of planting green hemp brings economic benefits to women in Van Ban district.

From January 2020, Van Ban district has ended the situation of women leaving the locality. Over the past years, the district has implemented many projects to support job creation for women, in which the project of planting green hemp invested by women and implemented in 10 communes in the period of 2018-2021 has created a birth. sustainable design for women. The project's products have been exported to markets in 5 Asian and Middle East countries with high value.

Ms. Luong Thi Dien, leader of the group of green thorns in Chieng Ken commune (Van Ban district) said: Compared to maize, the income from growing green hemp is 4-5 times higher. Many women work far away, when seeing the economic efficiency of the green thorn tree, they have returned to their localities to join the project to both develop their economy in their homeland and have time to take care of their family.

Many other projects are also implemented, targeting women to support their economic development, such as the Project “Promoting gender equality through improving economic efficiency in agricultural production and tourism development. calendar of Lao Cai and Son La ”funded by the Australian Government. After 2 years of implementing the project, Lao Cai has more than 20,000 women trained in business and technology, participating in cooperatives or business networks, provided with materials for production, trained in team and group leadership skills; 335 women have full-time jobs and 173 women have part-time jobs.

In order to prevent women from leaving the locality, many models, villages, and clans can effectively prevent and prevent women from leaving the locality. The Women's Union at all levels, in the role of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of women, has developed models such as "Self-governing Women's Union", "Village, village without women leaving the locality", concluding the coordination program "Mobilizing women in the border", the model "Peaceful villages, villages, happy families", the club "No women leaving the locality" ... Bao Thang district has built 127 models, including 120 models of villages and hamlets, and 7 models of clans' families on prevention and control of women left the locality. Muong Khuong district established and maintained 15 clubs against women leaving the locality; Selecting 103 collaborators and volunteers who are knowledgeable in the community, enthusiastic and experienced in participating in local communication. Bat Xat district also popularized the models of "Family self-governing family", "Inter-family self-governance", "Village, peaceful village, happy family" and established 15 clubs to prevent women leaving. local...

In addition, localities organize the mobilization and implementation of signing commitments between villages and clans; each family line with families, family building emulation covenants, residential areas where no women leave the locality, especially key communes and towns to raise people's awareness.

However, at present, propaganda and advocacy activities on the prevention, fighting and prevention of women leaving the locality are mainly integrated with professional activities, so the effectiveness is not high, sometimes also formalistic. The work of law education and dissemination has not been regular. In some families, domestic violence is also the cause of women leaving the locality.

In order for the prevention and control of women leaving the locality in the coming time to be more effective, Ms. Ha Thi Khanh Nguyet, Chairwoman of the Provincial Women's Union said: We need to promote the integrated role, the participation of the entire political system and the entire society in the work of preventing, combating and preventing women from leaving the locality. This work should be carried out regularly, continuously, and in a long term, in association with the implementation of programs, schemes and resolutions in localities. In addition, it is necessary to do well the propaganda and education of the community on the prevention and control of women leaving the locality associated with promoting poverty reduction, implementing local socio-economic development programs, especially in upland communes, ethnic minority areas still face many difficulties, key areas where women have left the locality. At the same time, it is necessary to promote propaganda to help women understand the consequences and pitfalls of leaving home and locality, and promote the building of families, villages and cultural villages to create a healthy environment for women. stick with family and homeland. 

According to LCĐT

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