Vietnam rose in Asia Power Index

According to the Asia Power Index (Asia Power Index) in 2020 of the Lowy Institute, Australia's leading foreign policy research institute, Vietnam's power ranking increased by one level compared to last year, to 12 out of a total of 26 countries and territories assessed.

In this year's ranking, Vietnam increased one step from 13 to 12, surpassing New Zealand. Vietnam is also considered as the country with the strongest ranking increase with 1.3 points.

Vietnam's ranking improved partly thanks to the 3-level increase in Vietnam's diplomatic influence index compared to last year, to ninth place due to the good handling of the COVID-19 epidemic.

According to the Lowy Institute, Vietnam has participated effectively in regional trade forums and initiatives, from promoting negotiations for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) as Chairman. ASEAN, until the effort to promote the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) along with 10 other member countries.

In addition, in 2020, Vietnam has also improved significantly in economic capacity and increased 3 ranks in its national defense network index.

This is the second consecutive year, Vietnam's position has improved in this ranking. In 2019, Vietnam's ranking also increased by 1 rank, mainly thanks to its achievements in the economic and resource development sectors.

In this year's ranking, the US continues to be considered as the most influential country in Asia, followed by China, Japan, India and Russia. Thus, the top 5 positions in this year's ranking remain the same compared to 2019.

The Asian Power Index is a tool to assess the degree of influence in the region based on an analysis of 8 content groups from 26 countries and territories. This year, in addition to the previously assessed criteria, Lowy added three more criteria to the list of issues being assessed, including COVID-19 response, ecological threats and dialogue. naitional defense.

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