Proud of 30 years of development of the homeland

After 30 years of re-establishment, Lao Cai has changed drastically and comprehensively in all fields. It is the result of dynamism, creativity, strong innovation, enterprising, taking responsibility; the solidarity to cooperate to contribute to the non-stop construction of the whole political system, the officers and people of ethnic groups in Lao Cai province. Every officer, party members and citizens has the right to be proud of the development of their homeland.

After 30 years of re-establishment, Lao Cai has put on a new look

*We can not imagine!

Trinh Cong Son, Secretary of Forestry Village Party Committee, Party Committee of Bao Ha Commune, Bao Yen District.

In the early days of re-establishing Lao Cai province in 1991, the area of Bao Ha commune was very difficult, the electricity grid was not available, people lit with kerosene lamps. The only road was the old National Highway 279, which was seriously degraded, when going to the province, they had to go to the station to take the train to Lu Street and then walked in, or by car, there was only one bus all day. To go to Bao Yen district, everyone had to walk. The population is sparse, the houses built around the area are very few.

Now, I can't imagine that after 30 years of re-establishing of the province, Bao Ha has changed dramatically, people's lives have improved significantly. The electricity, roads, schools and stations system have been invested and built spaciously, transportation is more convenient than a hundred times before. I am very excited by the strong development of the province after 30 years of re-establishment, under the leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, the close direction of the authorities at all levels has brought a new face to the homeland, especially the highland villages and communes. The people strongly agree and support the province's guidelines and policies, I hope that in the coming years, when implementing construction projects, it is necessary to do it completely, not letting the long time affect people's lives.

*I am proud to be the native of Lao Cai province

Vi Thi Hue, Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union of Binh Minh Ward, Lao Cai City.

I am proud to be born and raised in the beloved Lao Cai. As a union member, a young citizen of the city, over the years, I have worked with local union members and youths in many meaningful activities for the community. For example, taking part in the duty to prevent and control the Covid-19 pandemic; participating in volunteering sessions to help people in the highlands; propagandizing and mobilizing people in the work of site clearance…

I feel very fortunate to live and work in a developed, modern frontier city. Since then, I have always kept in mind that, in addition to what I entitle to, I also need to have the responsibility to contribute to building and protecting the homeland to become richer and more beautiful through specific, practical, and volunteer when the country needs.

*Excited about the change of the homeland

Lieu Xuan Thong, Pin Pao village, Trung Leng Ho commune, Bat Xat district.

Thirty years ago, the roads of Trung Leng Ho commune, Bat Xat district were very difficult. Until 1996, when I joined the army, I had to walk to Ban Xeo to catch a car. Later, the Party and State were interested in supporting cement, sand and gravel for road construction; building spacious infrastructure, especially school system for children in the highlands to fuly education; policy to put new plants and animals into production to improve the lives of people; Lighting electricity has pulled to each village, serving the needs of the spiritual life of the people. Concrete roads are convenient to travel, so far, Trung Leng Ho commune has only 2 villages that have not been able to reach the center.

Our highland people are very excited about the change of our homeland. We hope that, in the coming years, Lao Cai province will continue to have many innovations in leadership and direction to create miraculous progress. In particular, continuing to have more policies to invest more in highland areas with many difficulties.

According to Thanh Phu/LCDT

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