Feelings of the young generation before the 30th anniversary of the re-establishment of the province

As living and working in Lao Cai, witnessing the change of our homeland, we - the young generation of Lao Cai can't help but touched and proud of the great achievements that the whole province has achieved.

We are living in the historic autumn days of September, all the streets are lined with flags and flowers to celebrate the National Day of September 2nd, and at the same time to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the re-establishment of Lao Cai province on 01/10/1991-01/10/2021. It comes very close to the important milestone of the province, every time we mention the date of October 1st, the day of re-establishment of the province, surely the children of Lao Cai who have lived and worked here always remember about the difficult and harsh times when re-establishing the province. We, today's young generation, are always grateful and appreciate the sacrifices and contributions of the previous generation so that today we have developed, friendly, peaceful, worth-living and worth-visiting Lao Cai province. As for me, being able to live, work, enjoy the atmosphere of my hometown Lao Cai, dedicate myself to my homeland, I feel very proud of my homeland and my country.

Youth union members and young people light candles to express gratitude to heroes and martyrs

We were born in peace. That's a lucky thing. We also have chances to learn and show our abilities, to live, to pursue the passions of youth, which is a happy thing. Having such moments, we absolutely must not forget, must not be ignorant of the past, about the hardships and difficulties that our ancestors, the previous generation went through. Through the history we have know that, after re-establishing, Lao Cai province has faced many difficulties and challenges: The Northern border war in 1979 has ended but the consequences are still very much; Provincial towns, district towns and social economic infrastructures of border communes and districts were all destroyed. In the 180 communes, wards and towns of Lao Cai at that time, there were 109 highland communes, especially difficult; most of the province's natural area has steep slopes, strongly dissected terrain, which is not favorable for agricultural cultivation. Traffic infrastructure was very outdated, and 54 communes did not have car road to the center of the commune, from the center of the commune to the villages, most of them were trails. The economy was still mostly self-sufficient. The situation of shifting cultivation and nomadism was quite common in most of the districts in the province; poverty occured frequently, the rate of poor and very poor households were over 60%, and highland areas were over 90%. The handicraft industries were developing slowly and have not yet been manufactured into goods. Industry has only exploited apatite ore. There was no border gate economy; Tourism and commercial services were still in short supply. The level of education and culture was low, up to 52% of the population of the highland communes were illiterate, many of whom could not speak the common language; There were also 14 communes without education, the rate of mobilization of children to school was only 36% - 40%. The medical network has not yet met the people's medical examination and treatment requirements; many communes were still in the state of "having nothing in medical treatment”. Communication was difficult, mainly using direct communication method.

After nearly three decades with the whole country in implementing the renovation and integration work led by the Party and implementing the Resolutions of the National Party Congress, the Party Committee, Government and the people of Lao Cai ethnic groups have achieved many great results and great achievements in various sectors. Regarding the economy, Lao Cai from being one of the six poorest provinces in the country, re-establishing from "ruined and dilapidated" due to the war, has risen to become the most developed province in the Northwest, a fairly developed province in the Northern Midlands and Mountains region. Agriculture has always been identified by the province as the most important and leading industry to achieve the goals of hunger eradication, poverty reduction and population stabilization. Industrial economy, import-export, tourism and service have many breakthroughs; Social economic infrastructure has been invested, upgraded, and relatively synchronous, which is one of the provinces that successfully built a new administrative urban area Lao Cai - Cam Duong (product of vision and creativity); Prioritizing the development of large, modern and pervasive infrastructure is the longest highway in Vietnam (Noi Bai - Lao Cai), which is considered the "economic backbone" axis for the whole region. In the Northwest, this road is not only especially important for the connectingg provinces, but also for the whole region and the whole country, as well as promoting development cooperation between countries in the region. Along with economic development, the social and cultural sectors have undergone strong changes and achieved many important achievements.

Celebrating 30 years of re-establishing the province, reflecting on the tradition of resilience, indomitability, creativity, enterprising; on the beliefs and expectations of the Party, beloved Uncle Ho and our ancestor's generations. With pride and gratitude to the previous generation, the young generation of Lao Cai Department of Information and Communications are aware of their duties and responsibilities in response to the increasing requirements of society, in addition to learning, accumulating experience, training political bravery, professional skills to serve professional and duty tasks, we also uphold the spirit of the youth, volunteering to participate in social welfare activities, together to help people overcome difficulties and build new life. We are ready to accept all tasks and duties assigned by our superiors, overcome all difficulties, stay strong, and determined to complete all the tasks.

With "Clear mind - Bright knowledge - Large ambition", the young generation of the Department of Information and Communications today following the tradition of their ancestors will have to strive harder to contribute to building the image of officer of Information and Communications "Heart-minded officers, vision in technology" in the mind of the people and at the same time continue to promote the study and follow Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style, following Uncle Ho's teachings: "There is no need for young people to have, what is difficult for young people to have?"... determined to contribute to the sustainable development of the province's information and communication industry in particular and the country in general in the period of digital transformation and international integration economy.

Lam Tu

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