Information and Communications of Lao Cai: 15 years of construction and development

These days, officials, civil servants and officials of the Information and Communications sector of Lao Cai province are excited and excited to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the Department. In this belief and joy, the Information and Communication Industry (TT&TT) is proud to have successfully completed its tasks, contributing to the local socio-economic development.

Launching Ceremony of the Department of Posts and Telematics of Lao Cai province

On November 14, 2005, the People's Committee of Lao Cai province issued Decision No. 715/2005 / QD-UBND on the establishment of the Department of Posts and Telematics of Lao Cai province. In 2008, adding the task of journalism, publishing and renaming it to Department of Information and Communication. The establishment of the Department of Information and Communication is not only a normal name change, but also shows a new thinking in multi-disciplinary management in the direction of streamlining the administrative apparatus, in line with the trend of development and convergence between digital industry and communication infrastructure.

Over 15 years of construction and growth, Lao Cai Information and Communication sector has developed strongly and comprehensively. State management from province to grassroots level has been strengthened and brought into full play in 6 specialized areas (post, telecommunications, information technology, information security, information technology industry- communication, information - propaganda), creating a new force and force for the development of information and communication in the province. The development of planning, schemes, mechanisms and policies is focused, notably: 03 sector development plans (IT, Post and Telecommunications, Post and Construction); Project No. 20-DA / TU for IT development in Lao Cai province for the period of 2017-2020; the project "Improving the operational efficiency of the grassroots radio system in Lao Cai province in the period 2016-2020"; Project for smart urban development in Lao Cai province for the period of 2018 - 2025; Resolution No. 22-NQ / TU dated 22/8/2019 of Lao Cai Provincial Party Standing Committee on ICT development in Lao Cai province for the period of 2019-2025; ...

 IT application- Closely link PAR with building e-Government

Since 2008, Lao Cai is one of six provinces in the country selected to deploy a pilot model of IT application in state agencies according to the Prime Minister's Decision 43/2008 / QD-TTg dated March 24, 2008. Goverment. The implementation of the pilot model has created a turning point and a new breakthrough in the application and development of IT in the province.

Identifying the development and application of IT as a key step in PAR, building e-government, Lao Cai has always paid attention to developing synchronous and widespread infrastructure for post, telecommunications and IT. Up to now, telecommunications network infrastructure covers 100% of centers of communes, wards and towns, over 95% of villages and hamlets; providing internet services to 60% of villages and residential groups. Modern and synchronous IT technical infrastructure from the provincial to district and commune levels. The provincial data center has been invested, upgraded and expanded to meet the requirements of deploying shared applications of the province, ensuring data safety, security and meeting the implementation of digital transformation.

Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, Provincial People's Committee and Deputy Minister of Public Security attend the Conference on building e-government and smart city in Lao Cai province in 2019

IT applications for management, direction, administration, and administrative reform have been widely deployed. The most obvious evidence of the Architectural Publication of the e-government of Lao Cai province, version 1.0; inaugurating the Smart Urban Operations Center; successful platform connection, integration, sharing (LGSP) in Lao Cai province, version 1.0; opening the Smart Operations Center (IOC) of Lao Cai province; successfully integrated the application of Zalo into e-government ... created a breakthrough in IT application, contributing to raising the rate of public administrative services at level 3, level 4 to 42%, of which level 4 reached over 32%. step by step connecting to the national public service portal. Lao Cai is the 6th out of 63 provinces and cities in terms of results of online public service implementation.

With the view of taking e-government as the foundation for smart urban development, Lao Cai prioritizes the development of 5 areas, including: Travel; education; medical; traffic, environment and natural disaster warning; Pilot a number of smart urban services to serve people and businesses in Lao Cai city and Sa Pa town such as: Camera system for monitoring social order, smart travel, smart education, smart traffic ... Build a centralized operating center, platform services, shared databases (database of population, land, businesses, social security ...) to form the "Main Ecosystem. Electronic rights of Lao Cai province ”, connecting to the national database, creates a premise for smart urban development in the coming years.

Delegates pressed the button to open the IOC Center of Lao Cai province

With the continuous efforts of the Department and all levels, sectors and businesses in the province, the Readiness Index for IT development, application and the Provincial Competitiveness Index for many years were ranked at high rank, reaching the Fair (top 10) level in the country. IT development and application have contributed to gradually shifting the traditional working method to working in a modern, open, transparent, accountable digital environment, reducing paperwork, saving costs and time, bringing Practical benefits for people and businesses.

Information - propaganda to create social consensus, contribute to promoting the image of Lao Cai with domestic and international friends

With the efforts and overcoming difficulties to rise in the difficult conditions of human and material resources, the units in the media have gradually achieved encouraging achievements. The Lao Cai media today has grown in breadth and depth, reaching every corner, from rural to urban, to highland and remote border areas.

Lao Cai is the first province in the country to have an External Information Portal with 3 languages Vietnamese - English - Chinese - a bright spot in the country for foreign information activities; is one of the few provinces and cities in the country to organize emulation movements among press agencies and journalists; is the province issuing many specific mechanisms and policies to facilitate the development of the media; is one of the pioneering provinces in ordering information and propaganda tasks using the State budget; The Provincial Television Station is one of the stations of the Northwest region having a modern and synchronous Technical Center for program production, demonstrating the remarkable development step and affirming the new position of a local station; ... Outstanding achievements, bearing bold imprint, breakthrough, creativity, is the clearest evidence in the management and operation of the Lao Cai communication system.

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Hoang Quoc Khanh takes souvenir photos with representatives of press agencies, journalists, journalists, artists, folk artists, elite artists on the occasion of Spring Canh Ty 2020


The provincial press agencies are constantly innovating, promoting the application of IT and scientific and technical advances in content management and production, gradually changing the traditional mode of operation to operating according to the editorial model. converging. With the motto where people can communicate information, Lao Cai province has focused on developing information on internet with all types such as newspapers, portal / portal sites, social networks Facebook, Youtub, Zalo. The introduction and promotion of images, people and lands where the headland of the Fatherland is concerned is promoted by coordinating with resident press agencies to regularly and continuously disseminate information about Lao Cai to friends. domestic and international. The two words Lao Cai, therefore, appeared regularly in the central press publications, thereby, Lao Cai from a little known land became a place attracting millions of tourists, a land that attracts millions of tourists. Strategic investor, a land with creative and dynamic people, is the connecting center for the Northwest region of the country.

The media has become a bridge between the Party, the government and the people, contributing to creating unity within the Party, consensus in society, improving people's knowledge, socio-economic development, promoting the image of Lao Cai. to be dynamic and develop to reach the domestic people and international friends. Especially in 2020, the media have accompanied Lao Cai through a difficult period due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. With persistence and creativity, many journalistic works of the province won high prizes in writing contests on Party building, studying and following Ho Chi Minh's moral example, National Press Award, National Radio - Television Festival Awards, National Press Awards, ...

Lao Cai Information and Communication Industry firmly enters a new phase

Promoting the achievements achieved in the past years, Lao Cai Information and Communication sector will continue to Unite - Discipline - Activeness - Creativity, determination to effectively implement the Resolution of the Party Congress of Lao The 16th Cai, the 2021-2025 term.

The focus is on advising and promulgating mechanisms, policies, prioritizing resources to develop information and communication infrastructure, synchronous digital infrastructure for comprehensive digital transformation in the province.

To develop postal infrastructure in the direction of delivery infrastructure and logistics infrastructure to serve the development of e-commerce and digital economy. Post is the extended arm of state agencies at all levels in the implementation of e-government in order to bring more benefits to people and businesses.

To develop a professional and modern press system in line with the trend of converging multimedia technology. The press must faithfully demonstrate the mainstream of society, create consensus and social trust. Focusing on external information work and improving the quality of basic information content. Applying, renovating technology, combining types of information and communication in order to narrow the gap in information enjoyment of the people between regions and regions.

With the aim of building the locality to become one of the first smart cities in the Northern mountainous region, Lao Cai has been and continues to promote the development of ICT in all aspects of life, improving efficiency. effective and effective management of state agencies, improving business environment, enhancing competitiveness, creating favorable conditions for people and businesses, contributing to promoting Lao Cai as a destination for many domestic and foreign investors./. 

Vu Hung Dung - Director of Department of Information and Communications of Lao Cai province

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