Province Border Guard patrol deployment combines prevention Covid – 19 pandemic

In the context of Covid - 19 pandemic continued complicated developments, on February 25, 2021, the Lao Cai Border Guard Command (Vietnam) and the Hong Ha Border Management Sub-Group, Van Son Border Agency, Ha Khau Immigration Check Station, Yunnan Province (China) coordinated patrol on the border law enforcement, disease prevention.

At the border demarcation line, Lao Cai international border gate, Colonel Tran Viet Huynh, Deputy Commander of the CPP of Lao Cai province - Commander of the Vietnamese side patrol and Mr. Photography Phat Toan, Chief of Command Center of Hong Ha Border Management Squadron - Commander of the patrol China has exchanged consensus on the contents of this patrol. Accordingly, the two sides agree and strengthen measures, patrol law enforcement on border lines, which the two sides are in charge of, prevent cross-border illegal entry and exit, prevention of smuggling and trade fraud. trade, disease prevention, and determination not to let the pandemic spread across borders.

Joint patrol team checked milestone 100.

The joint patrol activity on border law enforcement and disease prevention this time was chaired by the China. The two parties jointly established a Patrol Command, each party formed 10 patrol teams to conduct patrols from the landmark 85 area (bordering Lai Chau province) to the border landmark area 172 (bordering Ha Giang province). At the patrol, the two parties also distributed more than 500 leaflets to propagate the law on border and disease prevention.

During the patrol, when receiving the news of the masses, or the notification of the two sides, the patrol teams jointly deploy an ambush squad, to search, in areas where the criminals are often back and forth in order to promptly prevent acts and violations of the border law. Previously, on February 23, 2021, Muong Khuong Border Guard Station coordinated with the Border Management Force on their side, intercepting 23 Vietnamese people who were trying to cross the border to China to work as hired labor.

At the end of the patrol, the Lao Cai Border Guard Command (Vietnam) and the Hong Ha Border Management Squadron, the Van Son Border Management Sub-team, the Ha Khau Immigration Border Inspection Station, Yunnan province (China) also reviewed the patrol work, reported the related situation and signed the minutes. The two parties agreed in the coming time, continue to better coordinate in the prevention of crimes on the border, promptly prevent people who have illegal immigration and entry, and decide not to let the pandemic spread across the border.

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, from the beginning of 2020 up to now, activities across the border and border gates of Lao Cai have been much restricted. In such conditions, the implementation of joint patrol, bilateral patrol by the Lao Cai Border duo with the border guard on their side is one of the important activities to implement information and propaganda foreign affairs of the province. 

According to Trong Mach

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