The Manor Tower Lao Cai: A symbolic mark at the gateway to the Northwes

On December 5, 2021, Bitexco Group officially introduced The Manor Tower Lao Cai - the first high-class apartment tower in the city center, located in the complex of The Manor Lao Cai luxury urban area. At the same time, Bitexco also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Branch of Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade in Lao Cai (Vietinbank Lao Cai Branch) to finance the project and signed a cooperation agreement with The Ascott Limited Group to finance the project management and operation of 5-star apartments and hotels at The Manor Tower Lao Cai.

As an investor associated with a name with modern projects with socio-economic influence in major provinces and cities such as The Manor Hanoi, The Manor 1, 2 (Ho Chi Minh City), The Manor Crown (Hue), The Manor Central Park (Hanoi), in its development strategy, Bitexco Group pays special attention to Lao Cai market - the economic gateway to the Northwest region.

The Manor Tower Lao Cai - a new symbol for the dynamism and prosperity of Lao Cai city.

Pioneer in creating model metropolitan

Contributing to the development of Lao Cai province in particular, promoting trade activities in the Northwest region in general, in 2012, Bitexco Group deployed The Manor Lao Cai project with an area of 14.3 hectares , located right at the gateway, the new metropolitan center of Lao Cai province.

Favorably appreciated for its premium location, along two main roads, Tran Hung Dao Boulevard and D1 Street, The Manor Lao Cai is the first modern, high-end synchronous urban area of Lao Cai province, meeting The Manor Lao Cai is considered a key project of Lao Cai province in terms of both scale and development orientation, pioneering in the development of urban areas new urban area, showing the dynamic and modern development of Lao Cai.

Up to now, The Manor Lao Cai is a prosperous residential community with 437 villas, townhouses, commercial townhouses, parks, squares, fountains and The Manor Palace serviced building. The Manor Lao Cai is maintaining its leading position in the real estate market, offering an upscale lifestyle.

Present in Lao Cai for the first time, Citadines Lao Cai apartment and hotel project (planned from the 17th floor to the 23rd floor of The Manor Tower Lao Cai project) will be managed and operated according to 5-star standards. internationally by The Ascott Limited, with a scale of 100 hotel rooms and 44 condotels and high-class resort facilities including overhead swimming pool, gym, spa, restaurant, sky bar... With outstanding advantages Outstanding service quality and high-class facilities, Citadines Lao Cai apartments and hotels will be the ideal destination for travelers who are looking for a high-class, comfortable, safe, and perfect place to stay in the middle of the city thousand clouds..


Iconic imprints in the Northwest highlands

As an excellent product in the ecosystem of The Manor Lao Cai Urban Area, The Manor Tower Lao Cai is a mixed-use high-rise building in phase 2 of the project, designed with ideas and inspiration from rice fields majestic stairs of the Northwest mountains. The architects built The Manor Tower Lao Cai with each step proudly reaching up to the sky. Each apartment in the building is like a rice plant on a terraced field, receiving abundant light, cool wind, and rain. Design inspiration is bold feng shui with terraced fields taking advantage of the intrinsic and nutritious groundwater, each rice plant grows on the inherent vitality of the mountains and forests corresponding to the future of the family head. prosperous career. Distilling the quintessence of modern design, from an overhead perspective, The Manor Tower Lao Cai is like a blossoming flower full of vitality, depicting a magnificent landscape in the heart of Lao Cai city.

Manor Lao Cai is the first model urban area in Lao Cai.

The Manor Tower Lao Cai includes a spacious basement, smartly and scientifically designed, ensuring enough capacity for all kinds of vehicles to serve all needs from shopping, entertainment, entertainment to living. activities of the people. The podium from the 1st to the 3rd floor is a commercial center with many perfect utilities for families such as supermarkets, cosmetic stores, fashion, home appliances, restaurants, cinemas, amusement parks, etc. children, coffee ... with hundreds of stalls selling high-quality products, a unique food court with exquisite dishes. Apartment block from 4th to 16th floor, including 259 smartly designed apartments, filled with natural light thanks to the loggia system, cool and optimal balcony. The hotel block, tourist apartment, sky bar are arranged from the 17th floor to the 25th floor. Homeowners can unleash their creativity in designing the garden in the balcony area, creating a "sky" open, welcoming the spirit. nature of heaven and earth, relaxing to see Lao Cai city every day.

Benefiting from the advantage of the "center of the center" location, adjacent to the new administrative area of the city and Lao Cai province, from The Manor Tower Lao Cai, within a radius of 1km, residents can connect to traffic convenient and using a series of valuable existing utilities such as administrative offices, educational institutions, healthcare, banks, international border gates, railway stations, less than 5 minutes to Noi Bai highway - Lao Cai and adjacent to the arterial and strategic traffic axis of Lao Cai City.

The heart of a strategic investor

Continually striving to contribute to the image of a prosperous Vietnam, Bitexco develops a chain of high-class urban areas with The Manor brand in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Lao Cai... in which the name is "The Manor" "Meaning only a beautiful land, bold European classical and romantic architectural style along with green living space, international standard amenities. “The Manor” is also especially meaningful because they were all built from a wildland, with the enthusiasm of the developer Bitexco. Real estate with The Manor also satisfies the need to affirm a personal brand, love the sophistication of each product, and tend to live and work in the prosperous residential community of the homeowner. For that reason, over time, Bitexco's The Manor urban areas not only contribute to changing the urban appearance but also increase the value of the real estate and attract loyal customers.

TSky Park - Park in the middle of the clouds.

Within the framework of the Conference on Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion of Lao Cai Province in 2019 under the witness of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and leaders of central and local ministries, departments, agencies, ambassadors The People's Committee of Lao Cai province and Bitexco Group have signed an investment cooperation agreement in the fields of urban development, tourism and resort, energy, infrastructure, education, culture, and health in the period 2020 - 2025, strategy to 2030. Accordingly, Bitexco Group will cooperate and research and invest in 11 projects with a total investment capital of 36,600 billion VND, including Northeast Sa Pa new urban area project; Suoi Ho new urban area project; Social housing project for low-income people in the Northwest Reserve; New urban area project group 11 Sa Pa district; Sa Pa new urban area project (Sa Pa town); Project on technology research, investment in waste and wastewater treatment...

Therefore, The Manor Tower Lao Cai was built with the sincere hearts of people who are passionate about Lao Cai and a team of professional management and staff. Bitexco Group wishes to bring future residents a perfect, colorful living space, modern and classy internal utility system to create an iconic building for the dynamic development, the prosperity of Lao Cai city.

Mr. Vu Quang Bao, General Director of Bitexco Group shared: Life at The Manor Tower Lao Cai is a series of fresh and happy days. Because we always ponder, consider and pay attention to every detail of the project, from surveying, researching, and selecting locations, developing ideas, planning and designing premises to building infrastructure. floor. Bitexco believes and expects, with sustainable and distinct values, The Manor Tower Lao Cai will become a new symbol for the dynamic and prosperous development of Lao Cai in particular, and the Northwest Highlands in general.

Besides cooperating with many reputable and experienced domestic and foreign partners to jointly develop The Manor Tower Lao Cai such as Architectural design unit Van Aelst I Nguyen & Partners (VA-NG) (Belgium) ); landscape designer OMGEVING (Belgium), NDC Technical, Economic and Environmental Consulting Joint Stock Company (M&E system design), Bitexco also cooperates with The Ascott Limited Group to manage and operate the apartment complex. House and 5-star hotel at The Manor Tower Lao Cai.

The Manor Tower Lao Cai is like a blossoming flower full of life.

According to Mr. Vu Quang Bao, the strategic cooperation with Ascott Limited is an important and strategic step, creating strong resonance values, contributing to bringing outstanding values to Citadines Lao Cai and the community quintessential community of residents here. “We want to bring inspiring stay combined with resort experiences while immersing in the beauties of local cultural identity while enjoying a comfortable living space and level. Bitexco believes that the strategic cooperation with Ascott not only contributes to the completion of high-class living values for residents but also contributes to the economic development of tourism in Lao Cai city in general", Mr. Bao emphasized.

Not only focusing on the quality of apartment design or the whole project's landscape, but Bitexco investor also wants to build a high-class, united and happy residential community. With the motto "trendy living - prosperous future", Bitexco hopes to create and develop an elite community of residents in the beautiful land "The Manor", with a diverse and classy ecosystem from villas to luxury apartments possessing high-class values and living standards./.

According to Lan Chi/ LCDT

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