Lao Cai ranked 12th in the Provincial Competitiveness Index in 2018

On March 28, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and the United States Agency for International Development released the annual report of Provincial Competitiveness Index PCI 2018. Accordingly, Lao Cai ranked 12th on the ranking of provincial competitiveness index with a total of 64.63 points and the highest index of legal institutions and security and order in the country.

 The combined PCI score includes the weighted average of 10 component indexes on a maximum scale of 100. A locality is considered to have good operating quality when it has: 1) Low market entry cost;  2) Easy access to land and stable land use;  3) Transparent business environment and public business information;  4) Informal costs are low;  5) Time for inspection, examination and implementation of regulations and administrative procedures are quick;  6) The environment of fair competition;  7) The provincial government is active and creative in solving problems for businesses;  8) Business development support service, high quality;  9) Good labor training policy;  10) Procedures for resolving disputes fairly, effectively and maintaining order and security.

PCI queue for 2018

For Lao Cai province, this year fell one level compared to 2017. The specific component scores are as follows: (1) In the school entrance, the school achieves 7.33 points;  (2) Access to land: 5.99 points;  (3) Transparency: 6.22 points;  (4) Time costs: 6.87 points;  (5) Unofficial expenses: 6.27 points;  (6) Dynamic: 6.67 points;  (7) Enterprise support: 6.27 points;  (8) Labor training: 6.39 points;  (9) Legal institutions and security and order: 7.99 points and this is the highest component index in the country;  (10) equal competition: 6.33 points.

PCI 2018 results have not changed much in the list of 5 leading provinces and cities nationwide compared to 2017. Quang Ninh continues to hold the leading position with 70.36 points and this is the second consecutive year this province  won the first place on the PCI rankings.  Ranked second in the PCI 2018 rankings is Dong Thap, a province in the Mekong Delta region, this year continues to break its own record, reaching 70.19 points and establishing 11 consecutive years.  among the top 5 provinces and cities nationwide PCI.  Third and fourth are Long An (68.09 points) and Ben Tre (67.67 points).  The next provinces and cities in the top 10 provinces and cities in PCI 2018 include Da Nang with (67.65 points), Binh Duong (66.09 points), Quang Nam (65.85 points), Vinh Long.  (65.53 points), Hanoi (65.39 points) and Ho Chi Minh City (65.34 points) ./.

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