Tourism redirects in the pandemic

Not giving in to difficulties, "in the difficult, showing the wisdom", those who work in the tourism sector in Lao Cai after a period of difficulties because of the pandemic, have begun to adapt and find a new direction, good implementation of "double goals".

Sapa is ready to start green tourism

Facing the policy of reopening tourism activities, the government, as well as businesses, service and tourism units in Sa Pa town, have planned and ready the conditions to welcome guests.

Explore Ta Phin cane forest

Ta Phin commune (Sa Pa town) is a land that still retains the rustic, rich cultural identity of the Red Dao ethnic group with unspoiled natural beauty. This is also the reason why Ta Phin is chosen by many tourists to experience and discover when coming to Sapa. In particular, recently, Ta Phin has a new "check-in" point that attracts a lot of tourists, which is the cane forest.

Magical cloud season Y Ty

After long rainy days, when the sun is shining, Y Ty (Bat Xat) appears a beautiful and charming sea of clouds.

Lao Cai advocates "wherever it is safe, open the door there"

Up to this point, many localities in Vietnam have developed plans to gradually restore tourism. With Lao Cai province, right after transitioning to the phase of safe adaptation and control of the Covid-19 pandemic, the province has a plan to gradually restore the tourism industry with the goal of "as safe as it is, open the door there".

A young man from Ha Nhi ethnic group promotes tourism in a remote commune of Y Ty - Lao Cai

A young man Born in Y Ty - a highland commune of Bat Xat District, Lao Cai province, young man Ly Xa Xuy has been devoting his youth to promoting tourism in his own homeland.

Journey with "Hoang Lien Endurance "

I and Nguyen Van Hoan came together as a predestined relationship. We met in the Ha Nam Country Council in Lao Cai city. Kim Bang his hometown, Thanh Liem my hometown are two poor semi-mountainous lands of Ha Nam province, each person enters life in a different way, but they all come to Lao Cai to set up a career. At the end of life, everyone has something to leave for themselves and for life. In a time when the Ha Nam people who had taken refuge in the arms of the mountains and rivers of the distant Lao Cai region gathered in the Ha Nam Compatriot Council in Lao Cai city to meet, I met him. His quiet, placid, unpretentious personality gave delight to me.

Trends of safe travel after the Covid-19 pandemic

The tourism industry, localities and business units have been making efforts to prepare conditions to catch up with the trend of safe tourism after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Come to Si Ma Cai and experience Autumn

Surely when mentioning Lao Cai, many people will think of Sapa or Bac Ha. But did you know that there is also Si Ma Cai here - a small land in the middle of the mountains and forests, filled with its own colors. Coming to Si Ma Cai this autumn, you will discover the wild features with its own and attractive identities.

Hundred-year-old mansion

Having been present for 100 years in the "white plateau" land, Hoang A Tuong's mansion has an architectural style combining Asia - Europe and fascinating stories about its owner, making this project an interesting destination. taste of Bac Ha tourism