Opening the Festival "Essence of the Northwest - Flavors of Lao Cai"

On the evening of November 20, in Sa Pa town, the People's Committee of Lao Cai province held the opening ceremony of the Festival "Essence of the Northwest - Flavors of Lao Cai" and the Art Fashion Show "Northwest Brocade - Love Story".

Introducing the e-book address "30 years of Lao Cai innovation"

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the re-establishment of the province, in order to contribute to spreading the image of Lao Cai "persistent, rich in creativity, reaching out to integrate into the general development trend of the country and the times" to domestical and international friends, Lao Cai province cooperates with Labor Publication; Information and Communication Publication publish the e-book "30 years of Lao Cai innovation".

Fresh Green of Ban Me

At the upstream of Chay river, Ban Me commune (Si Ma Cai district) is the residence of many ethnic groups, mainly the Nung people. What has impressed me the most after many years coming back to this land was when I entered Ban Me village to see the ancient houses, feel the unique cultural space, the fresh green color of the fields and the old forests.

"Drawing" of Muong Khuong in the clouds in the ripe rice season

In the middle of August, Muong Khuong town (Muong Khuong district) seems to be dyed yellow when the rice fields are ripe for harvest.

Nam Cang, Sa Pa - Peaceful and poetic drawing

The image of ripe golden rice along on the terraced fields of Sapa always has special attraction for all tourists. And Nam Cang - Lien Minh commune (Sa Pa) is one of the places with wild beauty, peaceful and fresh landscape and it is an attractive destination by terraced fields in the ripe rice season.

Recognition of Sapa Green Valley tourist destination

Provincial People's Committee has just issued Decision No. 2988/QU-UBND about recognition of Green Valley tourist destination, No. 025, Dien Bien Phu, Sa Pa ward, Sa Pa town, Lao Cai province as the tourist destination.

Lao Cai artists participated in the Northwest tourism art photography exhibition

The Association of Literature and Arts of Yen Bai Province organized the Art photography Contest of 8 Northwest provinces, expanding the theme of "Beautiful Photos of Tourism in 8 Northwest provinces" in 2021.

Model of tourism combined with garden experience

Born in the purely agricultural family, since childhood, he has been attached to the field and garden, Mr. Ly Van So (below photo) in Ban Pho 2 village, Ban Pho commune (Bac Ha district) did not think that one day he would fall in love with tourism business. Although they are young, he and his wife have built fairly large community tourism model called "So Hmong". The homestay model of Mr. So's family is considered to be very promising in Ban Pho. When there was no Covid-19 pandemic, the homestay was chosen by many tourists to stay when coming to Bac Ha.

New destination for those who are adventurous to explore

Nam Chac waterfall in Nam Chac commune (Bat Xat district) is beautiful and attractive, which can be developed into eco-tourism destination.

Propagating and disseminating some policies to support tourism development

On the morning of September 10th, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism held the conference to propagate and disseminate the Resolution No. 06 dated on April 9th, 2021 of the Provincial People's Council regulating some policies to support tourism development in Lao Cai province, in the period 2021 - 2025.