Tighten military and people love at Si Ma Cai border

Thanks to the preeminent policies of the Party and State, with the core force being the soldiers with the green rank of Si Ma Cai Border Guard, in addition to the task of keeping the gun to protect sovereignty and national border security. family. They also devote a lot of enthusiasm to helping the people of the three border communes of Si Ma Cai, San Chai and Nan San, joining hands to build a new countryside, helping people to develop production, rise out of poverty, and tighten the sentiment of the people in upland border.

The land of potentials

From the Si Ma Cai Border Guard courtyard at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level, with a view to the far side are the concrete inter-village roads - concreted across the mountain, the hills are like the girl's silk scarf Butt. Furthermore, the bordering rich villages of Vietnam - China are spread along the banks of the Chay River and the two border gates of Hoa Chu Phung (Vietnam) - Seo Pa Chu (China), where trade and exchange save the culture of the people on both sides of the border.

Every Sunday is the main market day of the central market of Si Ma Cai. The market is located halfway up the slope, built in the French period, undergoing ups and downs of history, but the remaining markings show that this place was once a busy commercial center of ethnic minorities. Vietnam - China border side. When the thin sunlight embraces the town, it is time for people in remote villages to come to the market. Goods flooded, divided into agricultural products, cattle, poultry ... there is not a lack of anything. The voices of offering, calling to each other, mixed with bargaining, with all ethnic languages, creating a special culture for the fair.

Forest economy combined with tourism development has been identified as a spearhead economic sector in the direction of sustainable and long-term development by the Party Committee and government of Si Ma Cai district. The fact is proving the above policy is correct. In 2020, According to statistics, Si Ma Cai has attracted more than 30,000 tourists. Currently, revenue from forests and forest products, tourism is helping households have a stable income, contributing to reducing 5% of poor households each year.

Si Ma Cai people's love


Illustrative image (source: Simacai.laocai.gov.vn)

Mr. Lung Phu Hoa, in the village of Nan Bai, in Nan San commune, prepares to welcome the new spring in his newly built spacious house. Welcoming border soldiers in the new house still smells of mortar, he excitedly said: his family is one of the poor households of the village, every year on the occasion of Tet holiday, his family is always visited by officers and soldiers of the station to visit and give Tet gifts, Mr. Hoa's family is very happy. Small gifts, including only a few rice, main noodles, fish sauce and confectionery, Tet jam, but Mr. Hoa and his family were deeply moved because these were meaningful and practical Tet gifts that the staff, The soldiers stationed a portion of their salary to support the poor. For him, the biggest gift that is the house built spacious and spacious. The previous house collapsed, frosty, cold wind was replaced by a loving home mobilized by the border station of Si Ma Cai, socialized to support a part of construction. He said emotionally: My family is very happy to have a new home. My life's dream is that my family has a house built now that comes true. I am very grateful to the officers and soldiers of the station.

In many touching stories, the practical works of the Border Guard Station of Si Ma Cai help ethnic minorities in the border to develop socio-economic development, poverty reduction, improving people's knowledge ... Every day, the soldiers used motorbikes to take the students to schools, nearly ten kilometers away from the unit, is a bold testament to the militia here. The act of sponsoring and nurturing at the station of 4 students in extremely difficult circumstances due to the lack of caring hands of their parents and the risk of dropping out of school left a good impression in the heart of the party committee. , government and people border. With jobs derived from the slogan "Don is home, the border is the hometown, ethnic minorities are brothers and sisters", officers and soldiers at Border Guard Si Ma Cai are always welcome. noble that people trust and give: "Uncle Ho's soldiers".

Over the years, the cadres and soldiers of the Border Guard Station Si Ma Cai have implemented the motto "listen to the people, tell the people, make the people believe", which is eating together, living together, working together, speak the national language with the people, actively promote propaganda in combination with mobilization, perseverance to explain, people understand how to do, change their way of thinking, do not expect to rely on and have the will to rise in life. Promote economic, cultural and social development, political security and social order and safety are always maintained, the grassroots political system is increasingly strengthened and developed.

 Thereby, the military and people love at the border of Si Ma Cai is increasingly strong; promoting the strength of the masses to actively participate with Don in the firmly defending the sovereignty and border security of the country. 

Thu Giang

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