Improving the quality of life for the very few ethnic minorities in Lao Cai

Decision 2086 / QD-TTg of the Prime Minister approving the Scheme to support socio-economic development (socio-economic) of ethnic minorities (ethnic minorities) with very few people in the period 2016 - 2025 is approved by Lao Cai province. care, effective implementation. Accordingly, the two ethnic groups of Phu La and Bo Y are entitled to enjoy the support of capital, gradually improving their quality of life.

According to statistics, Lao Cai province currently has 2,240 Phu La ethnic households, with 10,276 people; 593 households of Bo Y ethnic group, with 2,537 people. Phu La and Bo Y people reside in 37 villages, 22 communes, in the districts of Muong Khuong, Bac Ha, Van Ban, Bao Yen, Bao Thang and Sa Pa town. With the support and investment resources from the Prime Minister's Decision 2086 / QD-TTg , the economic, cultural and spiritual life of the two ethnic groups have had positive changes.


Work hard, improve income

Previously, the ethnic people in Ngai Phong Cho village, Thai Giang Pho commune, Bac Ha district mainly followed traditional farming methods, so the poverty rate is quite high compared to other ethnic groups in the village. Since 2018, the Phu La ethnic minority in the village has been supported for production development under Decision 2086 / QD-TTg. Mr. Giang Cui Senh, Ngai Phong Cho village, Thai Giang Pho commune, excitedly said: Thanks to the policy of supporting production development, his family has been supported to plant 0.5 ha of elephant grass, enough to supply the family's 3 buffaloes, in addition, his family is also supported to repair the farmhouse. To keep cattle and to ensure solidity and warmth in the winter. Currently, his family is investing in building more farms to raise indigenous black pigs in the direction of commodity, his family is currently one of many poor households in Ngai Phong Cho village, gradually changing their thinking about development. agricultural production and animal husbandry towards goods.

In Tung Chung Pho commune, in order to create livelihoods for 20 households of the Bo Y ethnic group in Pao Tung village, the project has supported over 6,500 plum trees with fertilizer and training for farmers in planting techniques. and take care of the tree. For the farmers here, that support has brought them more livelihoods to reduce poverty. This support is based on the survey of people's feelings, aspirations and actual conditions, so it is a great consensus from people.

In Muong Khuong district, also in 2019, the locality supported about 40 buffaloes and cows to Bo Y households and groups of households in Lao Hau village, Thanh Binh commune. Mr. Lo Cui Thang, Head of Lao Hau village confided: “We are very happy. Before, because we were so poor, we sold all our buffaloes and cows, thanks to this policy, we re-herd again. Thanks to Decision 2086, many poor households in the village have many conditions to escape poverty. Just work hard and do not worry about hunger ”.

Promote support for cultural activities

Implementing Decision 2086 / QD-TTg, Starting in 2019, the Provincial Ethnicity Committee signed a contract with Lao Cai College to guide the content of singing, dancing, music and hosting for teams. art. Thereby, dozens of classes for dancing, singing, and ethnic language learning were deployed throughout the districts where Bo Y and Phu La people live. At the beginning of the establishment of performance teams, the project supported ethnic costumes, musical instruments, props and a part of the budget ... so that the members could practice and perform. Not only supporting building and practicing, the teaching team also instructs people on how to collect songs, dances, use fading instruments, develop and enhance cultural values. with new rhythms that are more suitable and closer to the youth to carry out transmission for the next generations.

Up to now, there have been 14 village performance teams in 12 communes in the district where Phu La and Bo Y people live, established and practiced. In which, there are 3 teams of Bo Y ethnic group, 11 teams of Phu La ethnic group. In addition, dozens of ethnic minority language classes have also been opened in the villages to teach original Phu La and Bo Y languages by oral method.

In 5 years, there have been 37 villages with ethnic minorities of Bo Y and Phu La in the province allocated by the central budget of over 29.65 billion VND to train staff, support production development; preserving unique traditional cultural values of 12 billion VND. In 2020, the budget source to continue to arrange the implementation of the Project is nearly 53 billion VND (in which, investment capital for infrastructure is over 34 billion VND ...).

It can be seen that in the past years, thanks to the implementation and well implementation of ethnic policies, the lives of ethnic minorities in the province, including the Phu La and Bo Y ethnic groups have been markedly improved. change the face of agriculture and rural areas. The local poverty reduction has achieved important results; the political system was strengthened and strengthened; social order to ensure stability, security and defense are maintained./.

Quynh Hoa

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