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On the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the National Front for the Unity of Vietnam, Lao Cai Newspaper reporter interviewed Mr. Giang Seo Van, Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee.

Reporter: Over the past years, how has the Vietnamese Fatherland Front all levels in the province deployed the content of building the great national unity bloc, comrade?

Comrade Giang Seo Rhymes: President Ho Chi Minh summarized: “Solidarity, solidarity, great unity. Success, success, great success ”to affirm unity is the strength, the source of victory and success. President Ho Chi Minh's thought of great national solidarity has strategic, consistent and throughout the process of the Vietnamese revolution in order to form the great strength of the entire nation in all times.

National solidarity festival in Muong Hoa (Sa Pa).

Inheriting his ideology, over the past years, the Vietnamese Fatherland Front system at all levels in the province has constantly renewed its content and operation modes to bring into full play the leading role in coordination in building and implementing. the program of unifying action, gathering and mobilizing the people to actively participate in patriotic emulation campaigns and movements in the locality. The contents of the activities are concretized by specific programs, plans, instructions, in line with reality and from the requirements of implementing local political tasks, ensuring practicality and effectiveness results, creating the People's consensus.

Along with that, the Vietnamese Fatherland Front at all levels is particularly interested in building and promoting the role of dignitaries and works of religions, prestigious people among ethnic minorities, thereby mobilizing people. well observe undertakings, policies and laws of the Party and State, patriotic emulation movements, local campaigns; coordinate the effective implementation of patriotic emulation movements, campaigns launched by the central, provincial and district levels; effectively mobilize resources to take care of the people's material, cultural and spiritual life.

The Vietnam Fatherland Front at all levels also promotes the nuclear role in calling for organizations and individuals to carry out many humanitarian activities with practical actions, promptly supporting, sharing and helping people in difficulty. , bringing the poor in the province a happier and more fulfilling life. With the motto "towards the foundations", the Vietnamese Fatherland Front at all levels has promptly grasped and reflected the people's public opinion, thoughts, aspirations, urgent and legal proposals; propose to competent agencies to promptly settle complaints, not to let complaints and complaints last. The Vietnamese Fatherland Front at all levels also pays special attention to promoting grassroots democracy so that people boldly speak up their opinions, helping the local government to direct the reality.

Every year, the Fatherland Front focuses on reviewing and signing monitoring coordination programs with socio-political organizations, People's Councils, People's Committees and relevant state agencies; proactively advise the Party committees at all levels to choose the content of social supervision and criticism, and at the same time, effectively implement the projects, decisions and regulations of the Central and the province on supervision and social advocacy and Party building, contributing to protecting the legitimate and legitimate rights and interests of citizens.

The Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front of Lao Cai province received support for the people of Central Vietnam.


Reporter: The effective building of the great unity bloc has helped the Vietnam Fatherland Front at all levels to effectively deploy movements and campaigns, most notably the "All people unite to build cultural life" campaign. Comrade, what are outstanding results of this campaign in the province over the past time?

Comrade Giang Seo Rhymes: The campaign "All people unite to build cultural life", now the campaign "All people unite to build a new countryside, a civilized city" has become a campaign of all people. , has the ability to spread, the People agree.

In order to effectively deploy the campaign, the Vietnam Fatherland Front at all levels has stepped up the propaganda, widely implemented the contents to the grassroots and residential areas. Accordingly, the Vietnam Fatherland Front at all levels has organized more than 46,200 propaganda sessions with nearly 2.3 million participants; published 78,190 front work newsletters. Fronts of districts, towns and cities built 992 models, typical typical in implementing the campaign in all fields.

With the active participation of Party committees, authorities, Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations at all levels, the campaign has been increasingly deep and practical in all fields. The Vietnamese Fatherland Front at all levels in the province has mobilized trillions of resources from the people to build a new countryside. People unite and actively implement emulation movements for economic development, hunger eradication and poverty reduction (the rate of poor households in 2019 will be 11.46% and it is expected to decrease to 8.46% by 2020). The customs of marriage, mourning, and environmental sanitation were pushed back. The rate of cultural families, cultural residential areas reaches over 80%; 112 villages were recognized as "model villages"; 86/127 communes meet the criteria of residential housing; the rate of rural households implementing environmental sanitation reaches over 70% ... That result contributes to the development of a more civilized residential community, and the quality of life in both material and spirit of the People is increasingly improved.

Reporter: In order to enhance the role and prestige of the Fatherland Front in building the great unity bloc for the entire people in the current period, what contents and tasks will the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee focus on implementing, comrade?

Comrade Giang Seo Rhymes: As a gathering center for the great unity bloc, the Vietnamese Fatherland Front at all levels will continue to promote propaganda and grasp thoroughly the thoughts and views of President Ho Chi Minh's national unity and congress resolutions Party Committee at all levels to the People. It is determined that building the great unity bloc of all people is the task of the whole political system, in which the Vietnamese Fatherland Front at all levels and its member organizations play the core role; continue to well implement Directive 05 of the Politburo and Regulation 28 of the Provincial Party Committee on promoting learning and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style.

 The Fatherland Front and its member organizations diversify forms of gathering and mobilizing the people through patriotic emulation movements; continue to promote the role of dignitaries, religious works, reputable people in the community to build a great solidarity block. In particular, the Fatherland Front must perform well the role and responsibility of representing the People's sovereignty, organizing effective social supervision and criticism; closely coordinating with the authorities at all levels to care for and protect the interests of the people; strongly promoting the nuclear role of the Fatherland Front and its member organizations in building great unity bloc; improve the quality and efficiency of emulation campaigns and movements, create favorable environments and conditions for the people to practice democracy ...

Reporter: Sincerely thank you for answering the interview!

According to LCĐT

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