Bao Ha Temple is recognized as a tourist attraction

On March 21, 2022, Lao Cai Provincial People's Committee issued Decision No. 607/QD-UBND on recognition of Bao Ha Temple, Bao Vinh village, Bao Ha commune, Bao Yen district as tourist attractions.

Located in the Historical Relics of God of National Guard Mr. Hoang Bay, Bao Ha Temple has long been known not only as a famous historical and cultural relic in the country, but also a spiritual tourist destination attracting tourists from all over the world. Bao Ha Temple worships God of National Guard Mr. Hoang Bay, a hero of the mountainous region fighting the northern enemy to protect the border. According to historical records, the temple was built at the end of the Le Dynasty (Canh Hung year) to worship the famous general Hoang Bay, surnamed Nguyen, who had merit in fighting the enemy at the Lao Cai border gate and defending the Fatherland.

Bao Ha Temple is recognized as a tourist attraction.

Not only valuable in terms of historical and spiritual significance, so far the original architecture of the temple has been kept almost entirely, showing majesty and dignified but not too picky, including: Tam Quan gate, temple yard, guest house, Son Trang lord's palace, Great cult, Forbidden Palace, Second Palace, Community Palace. In the main shrines of the temple there are statues of: Duc Thanh Tran, Duc Vua Cha, Quan Tuan Tranh, Mr. Hoang Bay, Mr. Hoang Đong, Bo Phu mandarin, Mother Nhi, Mother Thuong Ngan, Mother Thuy Tien, Thien Phuc Thien Nhan.

Bao Ha Temple has many festivals, of which the main ones are Lantern Festival (the 1st Full Moon of the Lunar Year), Quan De Ngu Tuan Tranh Fesstival (25/5 lunar year), Mr. Hoang Bay's death anniversary festival (17/7 lunar year), Year End party (Year End party). Festival of Bao Ha Temple and Den Thuong Festival are the two most crowded festivals in Lao Cai province. It is the time when community strength converges and conveys the desire for prosperity and peace of Lao Cai people in particular throughout history. In 2016, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism also recognized the Bao Ha Temple Festival as a national intangible cultural heritage.

Portrait of famous generals of Mr. Hoang Bay is worshiped in the temple.

With the heroic history of famous generals worshiping at the relic, Bao Ha Temple annually attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to visit and worship, and is an indispensable destination in the spiritual tourism journey of every Vietnamese people.

The introduction of Bao Ha Temple as a tourist destination is an opportunity for Bao Ha commune, Bao Yen district to promote more strongly to domestic and international tourists about the intangible cultural heritage, creating a strong brand for Bao Yen tourism, making an important contribution to making tourism a spearhead economic sector of the province./.

Minh Phuong

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