Bac Ha focuses on developing commodity agriculture

Determining the Resolution 10 dated August 26, 2021 of the Standing Board of the Provincial Party Committee on the Strategy for the development of commodity agriculture to 2030, with a vision to 2050 is a golden opportunity to switch from agricultural production to an agricultural economy, Bac Ha quickly implemented and applied the resolution to life.

Developing VH06 pear growing area in Hoang Ha village, Hoang Thu Pho commune.

Hoang Thu Pho is one of the 10 communes with the highest poverty rate in the province, in which one of the causes of poverty is the slow awareness and adaptability of the people to commodity production. Resolution 10 of the Standing Board of the Provincial Party Committee was issued, creating a new breeze, changing the leadership thinking of the Party committee, the commune government and the people's awareness.

Chairman of the Hoang Thu Commune People's Committee Tran Van Cuong said: Based on the assessment of potentials and advantages, the commune has reviewed the land fund, zoning to have a strategy to change the structure of plant varieties and livestock in accordance with each location and orientation of Resolution 10. The commune determines the development of temperate fruit trees (VH06 pears, local plums...) is one of the key crops, forming a specialized production area. Up to now, with the consensus of the people, the commune has planted more than 30 hectares of VH06 pears. It is expected that in the next few years there will be a 150-hectare specialized pear cultivation area

The story in the poor commune of Hoang Thu Pho is a clear proof of the determination to apply Resolution 10 to life right from the grassroots level. Secretary of the Bac Ha District Party Committee Nguyen Duy Hoa said: The district Party Committee has directed agencies, units and People's Committees of communes and towns to quickly concretize Resolution 10 into leadership and direction in practice; prioritize investment resources to develop main industries.

Medicinal production area in Ta Van Chu

The district has planned 3 concentrated commodity production areas with 7 key commodities, including vegetables, temperate fruit trees, Shan Tuyet tea in upper district communes; growing medicinal herbs, raising indigenous black pigs and local chickens in middle and upper district communes; growing cinnamon in middle and lower district communes. With such a plan, by 2025, Bac Ha will strive to have 1,762 hectares of fruit trees, 735 hectares of tea; 300 ha of medicinal plants; 300 hectares of off-season vegetables, 9,587 hectares of cinnamon, the total herd of black pigs reached 39,700 heads, the total number of local chickens reached 210,000 heads. Agricultural production value reached 1,610 billion VND.

In 2022, Bac Ha district will continue to strengthen propaganda on the goals, tasks and solutions of Resolution 10 and policies to encourage the developing of agricultural production; planning traffic infrastructure, building commodity agricultural production zones and areas in the locality; attracting organizations, individuals and investors to invest in implementing projects to develop agricultural production; constructing facilities and factories for processing agricultural and forestry products; boosting activities of trade promotion, advertising, product introduction, expanding the market for agricultural products.


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