Proud of consuming Vietnamese products

From the widespread of the campaign "Vietnamese people prioritize to use Vietnamese products", consumers' habits and beliefs have been markedly improved.

People in Lao Cai city buy Vietnamese products at Go! Lao Cai shopping mall.

Being present at Xuan Truong Supermarket (Sa Pa) for about 15 minutes, we have realized that most of the consumers come here to choose domestically produced goods to buy and use. The items for sale at this supermarket are diverse in designs and types, basically meeting the daily needs of buyers. Domestic product brands such as Kinh Do, Bibica, Huu Nghi, Trang An, Hong Ha, Thien Long, Hai Tien, Vinamilk, TH Truemilk, etc. dominate in the supermarket shelves.

Mr. Pham Van Hung in Sa Pa ward said: My family has prioritized to buy domestically produced products for many years now. Xuan Truong supermarket is the frequent choice for my family to shop because of the variety of Vietnamese product brands and competitive prices. Not only daily goods, but also milk for pregnant women, children, milk for the elderly or cosmetics, I also prefer to use domestically produced products. I find domestic milk very good, quality is the same as foreign milk, but the price is very reasonable. We must support Vietnamese products to promote the development of the domestic market.

Mr.Nguyen Xuan Giang, Manager of Xuan Truong Supermarket said: In fact, most consumers when going to supermarkets choose and buy Vietnamese products because many Vietnamese brands have created trust for consumers thanks to the clear origin, diversified designs, reasonable prices and guaranteed quality. Sales of Vietnamese products always dominate in the total revenue of the supermarket. We regularly work with suppliers to ensure the quality and stable prices of goods to come to consumers.

Lao Cai specialties are favored by consumers.

As for Lao Cai city area, except for a few small retail stores specializing in selling imported goods, commercial centers, supermarkets, convenience stores, and groceries also mainly sell domestically produced goods. The percentage of Vietnamese goods on store usually accounts for about 80% - 90%.

Ms. Ha Thi Ngoan from Nam Cuong ward said: For me, consuming Vietnamese goods has now become a daily habit. I am proud that Vietnam has prestigious goods that meet the necessity of life.

At grocery stores and people's markets in Bat Xat district, Vietnamese goods are sold on all shelves, attracting consumers. In addition to domestically produced products, many business establishments in the district also promote the consumption of goods produced in the district, such as Dao vermicelli, Hoang sin co root, Seng Cu rice, cold water fish, pear, etc.

Mr. Bui Van Bao, owner of Bao Tu grocery store, Bat Xat town said: Vietnamese goods are now highly appreciated by consumers because production and distribution units are very interested in quality and customer care. In particular, the market manager regularly come to check our store, so it creates trust among consumers. Consumers still choose domestic goods to buy and use even though we do not advise them.

According to the Steering Committee of the Campaign for Vietnamese people to prioritize using Vietnamese goods in the province, in recent years, consumers' awareness and habits of consuming Vietnamese goods have changed in a positive direction. Vietnamese goods are increasingly favored by consumers thanks to production and business establishments that are always interested in improving quality, changing designs, and distributing products to domestic and provincial consumers. The quality of domestically produced goods is also increasingly capable of replacing imported goods, meeting most of the needs of consumers in the area.

According to Duc Phuong/LCDT

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