To Nghia Do to enjoy banana cake

In the journey to discover the beauty of Nghia Do (Bao Yen), in any season, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious, sweet and unforgettable banana cake. Banana trees are planted in by Tay people in Nghia Do area in home gardens, hillsides and also grow naturally on high mountain peaks. This is the main ingredient for making banana cake.
Delicious banana cake.

According to the Tay people, bananas such as pepper bananas, goong bananas, banana leaves, etc. are used to make cakes. Each type has its own delicious taste, so throughout the year, the Tay people process banana cakes to offer to gods and ancestors on holidays and enjoy.

To make banana cake, the Tay people carefully prepare ingredients such as bananas, glutinous rice flour, sugar, peanuts, sesame, and banana leaves. According to the experience passed down from many generations to the recipe for banana cake, ripe bananas are peeled, cut in half and then dried in the sun, then left to the attic of the kitchen, waiting for the day to pack the cake.

The second indispensable ingredient is forest banana leaves. After taking it back, the leaves are dried, then stored to pack the cake. The Tay people share that wrapping banana cake with dried forest banana leaves is fragrant and lasts longer.

When wrapping, glutinous rice is ground into water powder, drained, then kneaded with dried banana flour until smooth, then put in a mortar to grind it fine. The maker takes the dough out and molds it into a cake with a duck egg, then puts the roasted peanuts with sesame in the middle, sprinkles sesame seeds on the outside of the cake, wraps it with banana leaves and puts it on the table from 1,5 to 5,2 hours is the cake is cooked.

Banana cakes enjoyed while still hot or cold are very delicious and rich in aftertaste, with the flexibility of mixing glutinous rice flour with banana flour, the natural sweetness of bananas mixed with the strong aroma of glutinous rice. When eating, the cake has the crunch of peanuts, the smell of sesame and banana leaves. It all makes for a natural taste.

Tay Nghia Do people sell banana cake at market session.

Banana cake is a rustic dish, the daily life of Tay Nghia Do, showing the subtleties and ingenuity in choosing the ingredients made by the compatriots themselves. Banana cake is also a cake prepared by Tay people to offer ancestors, invite guests afar, showing respect to the gods, ancestors and aromatic drafts, hospitality of the people here.

According to LCDT

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