Improve economic value from winter crop production

According to Mr. Ngo Quyen, Deputy Director of Provincial Plant Protection and Cultivation Department, in recent years, winter season has become the main production crop, bringing high income for farmers.

This winter crop, localities in the province plan to cultivate about 11,000 ha of winter crops of all kinds. Like every year, the group of crops grown in this production crop is mainly short-term maize, cold-loving plants, potatoes and vegetables, and beans. Winter crops are mainly grown on the field land of lowland regions - where the climate is less severe in winter - such as Van Ban, Bao Thang, Bao Yen, Bat Xat. In which, Van Ban is still the leading locality in winter production with the largest production area in the whole province, estimated at nearly 2,000 hectares.

Mrs. Pham Thi Hoai, Mom Dao village, Thai Nien commune (Bao Thang) takes care of cucumbers.

By mid-November, most of the fields were drained, dried, and covered with beds to plant winter crops. According to statistics of the agricultural sector, localities have completed land preparation and planted nearly 9,000 ha of winter crops of all kinds. In Duong Quy commune (Van Ban district), winter maize is about 20 - 30 cm tall, people take advantage of dry weather days to go to grass fields, nurture corn plants to prevent falling. Sweet potato vines have also taken root, gradually greening the fields. Especially in this winter season, the people of Duong Quy commune boldly planted 1 ha of wet rice in the third crop. Currently, the rice after transplanting has recovered green and started to branch. The rice variety chosen by the people is a short-term, cold-tolerant rice variety originating from Dien Bien province.

In Bao Thang district, similar to the annual winter crop, the group of trees that are chosen the most by the people of this district are leafy vegetables, kohlrabi, cabbage, radish and sweet potato varieties. Because of its geographical location close to Lao Cai city and a convenient transportation system for trade with localities inside and outside the province, the consumption of agricultural products in Bao Thang is relatively convenient. In the past, people in Bao Thang often found markets for winter crops by themselves, but in this year's winter crop, people in Gia Phu, Thai Nien and Son Hai communes linked with businesses in the production and consumption of melons. mouse.

People take care of winter maize.

Pham Thi Hoai from Mom Dao village, Thai Nien commune said: This winter crop, my family planted 5 sao of cucumber. In this crop we are supported with seeds, nets and nylon. When the melons are harvested, the business will buy them at 5,000 VND / kg. This is the first time we join production and consumption. Cucumbers are growing well, with fruit, about 1 week to harvest. We expect a lot on this melon crop.

In order to improve production efficiency, right at the beginning of harvesting seasonal rice, the provincial agriculture sector has detailed instructions for winter production. Specifically, localities actively contacted suppliers of seeds, materials and fertilizers to provide timely production with the right types, to ensure quantity and quality, for models. production association has to advance materials to farmers right from the beginning of the crop. Each locality proactively invites 3-4 businesses, cooperatives and individuals to link production and product consumption for people, creating favorable conditions for units to sign production links with citizen. To ensure the interests of the people, localities recommend and guide the participating parties to comply with the signed contractual terms. The agricultural sector has propagated and introduced scientific, technical advances, high economic efficient production models to households to expand production, such as using new varieties with high yield and quality. using greenhouses, net houses, economical irrigation systems; apply safe and organic farming methods according to VietGAP standards; preliminary processing, processing, product traceability ...

Mr. Ngo Quyen, Deputy Director of Provincial Department of Crop Production and Plant Protection commented: In fact, income from winter crop production in some localities is very high, even many times higher than the two main production seasons. There are areas associated with production with businesses, people can get profits up to 120 million VND / ha. With the winter crop area which has not become a commodity area, it also contributes to increase food production, food for people, and provides green food for cattle in winter. Therefore, the provincial crop industry has determined that the winter crop is not only an increase crop, but also becomes the main production crop, bringing in main income, increasing the value of income per hectare of cultivated. “To achieve those goals, we coordinate with localities to guide people to diversify the plant variety structure to diversify products, increase crop spread, pay attention to link production and seek market "- Mr. Quyen said.

According to Thuy Phuong / LCĐT

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